There was no more room in Hell, so the dead walked the Earth. It started in 1968 at the Evans City Cemetery. And it ended in 1985, with our planet being fill...

25 Responses to “23. Romero’s Zombies (Horror Icons Top 50)”

  1. LyleVSXyle says:

    This video needs more Gonk.

  2. Zero Knight says:

    Even though I love Zack Snyder’s remake of Dawn and his new take on Zombies
    nothing beats the Master known as George A. Romero

  3. Where is Michael Jackson Thriller ?

  4. we scene these Undead people, the only way to kill them is to shoot them in
    the head. not the chest but the head.

  5. …remember what I said about Rhodes, I take that back, The zombies still
    topples him down…even in this list!

  6. DoomGamer3000 says:

    man I cant wait for his new one but they’re not sure what they’re going to
    call it but there close to Island of the Dead

  7. TheHomunculus1 says:

    watching dawn of the dead at night without your parents watching when
    you’re like 8 really shits you up lol

  8. thegunclub123 says:

    Ha, funny. I was about to make a list of 100 Great Characters and two would
    have been Romero’s zombies and John Woo’s hitmen.

  9. Carlos Escamilla says:

    First of all..Yes. Second, your right Joe Pilato will appear in this movie
    called, Night of the Living Dead Orgins: 3D.

  10. MrConredsX says:

    it look like only the “The Walking Dead” series treat zombies with respect

  11. luca cabano says:

    i fucking HATE Zombies!!! but those look like my grangma xD

  12. Keir Tanaka says:

    Night of the Flesh Eaters

  13. romerider6969 says:

    what i woulda did was go up in a hight hide or sit on top of a house roof
    if this type of shit happen the only issue would be getting as much
    supplies needed up on the roof or high hide but nothing to difficult or
    electric unless packed away

  14. @MrConredsX I can only agree. TWD is a series that is made in the spirit of
    Romero´s Of The Dead films.

  15. zimmygirl777 says:

    They crave your meets.

  16. theAngryscotman says:

    oh shit zombies. better get my chainsaw and sawn-off shotgun.

  17. AylaPersephone says:

    I’ve played a zombie in a film before and I’ll just say it is SO fucking
    fun to do!!! No lines to memorize, you get to wear cool makeup, and if you
    show up to work hung over or tired you’re praised for it!

  18. They’re coming to get you, Barbara

  19. Lockerdown3 says:

    personally, I enjoyed the Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price, showing
    that it is possible to break away from being a zombie

  20. IndieSchmidt says:

    @romerider6969 I mean no disrespect but I would assume eventually the dead
    will create a pile of themselves large enough to get to you if there are
    enough of them determined to get you. My plan, If at all possible is to
    stay mobile with a moderately large group or find a way to better fortify
    myself inside a more isolated area

  21. Draegon Manaka says:

    “They’re coming for you, Barbara!”

  22. MegaLeedavid says:

    Do you mean the animated prequel? I want to see it as well!!! I`ve heard
    that one of the main characters is voiced by Joe Pilato, Captain Rhodes

  23. Dogface1998 says:

    So it starts with nude zombies and they evolve to be able to wear clothes?
    Isn’t that kinda what happened to humans?

  24. badreligion1231 says:

    When there is no more room in Hell , The dead will walk the Earth .

  25. Loved the rednecks hunting zombies in rural Pennsylvania. For some reason,
    I saw that and thought “people would probably do that. Make a big party out
    of killing zombies.”