Here is a style that I developed from the early 90's through to today. I call it the Adelaide 2-Step. It was around long before the Melb shuffle so I shall not compare the two.. mind you I did the Melb scene for a while and love the shuffle. What ever your style is.. just go hard.. 😉

25 Responses to “Adelaide 2-Step”

  1. u shame adelaide

  2. TheADelaiDeShUFFleR says:

    deeply ashamed of this haha .

  3. failedKlone says:

    aye bro we shud battel bro

  4. romanazazel says:

    Andrew you should really do a tute video on the 2-step, if you get the time up there in WA where u are now 😀

  5. BlueNine88 says:

    Fucking sick aye, ADELAIDE STEPPING IT UP!

  6. LeTssssLiVE says:

    Song? 5*

  7. its ike 2 step, jumpstyle and the shuffle mixxed 🙂 awesome!

  8. saintsman1990 says:

    this is scarey

  9. samoans2crazy4you says:

    love the foot work you gave me chills wit your steps keep goin hard

  10. andrewdabbo says:

    I think I will have to do a tute video..

  11. JuiceBox310 says:

    Wow 😮


    Are there any tutorials on this?

  12. i like it hey it looks kinda like electro shuffle….but better

  13. AlliAmIsDelilah says:

    siiickkkkk :]

  14. Dude! Now this is the shit I remember. Wish you taught me how to back in the day.

  15. AyshiunBoii says:

    i’ve never seen that before

    it looks cool though xD


  16. WTF just happened?

  17. eazyefan1122 says:

    siiik 2 step

  18. this youngen talken shit obviosly cant dance unlike us adelaide boys!

  19. andrewdabbo says:

    reply of the month..:) wont even pull that down.. will leave it there for all to see and to put a smile on my face. 🙂

  20. eshayzitstim says:

    HAHAH BRO you look like a faggot in this vid. nuff said

  21. andrewdabbo says:

    oh..eshayzitstimwheelbarrow, its cute you have a comment.. sorry, what was that?.. your 19? I was smashing the scene when you were were still having your ass wiped which I would do again for you on the floor! Put a vid up or shut up.. booyakasha!

  22. andrewdabbo says:

    sorry… your vid is where? lol

  23. eshayzitstim says:

    btw your style of dance was already made lol search hardstep or krochen

  24. eshayzitstim says:

    sup this BASSPRPHETS other acc bro melb shuffle originated in the 80’s cuz so your 2step shit can fuckoff aye =D

  25. whats the song?