A solution that is MUCH fairer that has a MUCH better chance of working!

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50 Responses to “Bailout 14: Possible Solution”

  1. The worst idea in the history of the earth, large scale collectivism, is based on the idea of being more fair.

    Hitler was the only politician for the little guy. He wanted it to be more fair.
    Stalin was the only politician for the little guy. He wanted it to be more fair.
    Mao was the only politician for the little guy. He wanted it to be more fair.
    Pol Pot was the only politician for the little guy. He wanted it to be more fair.

    FDR kept the economy in the toilet, through fairness.

  2. My God!

    Make a video with text that cannot be read?

    And Bill Gates and Google give you money?

    Grade school kids would be made to do it over by their teacher!

  3. MrAchilles1984 says:

    This plan would lead to bankruptcy of many banks. Savings and pensions (since pension funds are invested in those banks) would be wiped out or would at least lose a big portion of their value (since they are FDIC insured). This would not only hit the wall street (which would be ok, but also the main street). However, this would be a better solution in the long run, but very painful for everybody in the short run.

  4. ArezList says:

    but isn’t this could be politicized by republicans to be called “socialist”?

  5. davest1563 says:

    Government intervention caused it all? who set the interest rates so low? who required loans based on race and location instead of credit score? Who set up the quasi government entities fannie and freddie to pick up the loans? More government will still cause more of the same. Yes the wall street guys screwed up but they could not have done it with out the Government doing those things first.

  6. enkelin32 says:

    LOL they actually did do something similar to this, except using the existing banks (gov bought much of citibank). Most banks have now paid back the tarp but unfortunately have NOT loaned the money for investment. They still like trading their derivatives and black pools too much. That is also why we will not get much financial re regulation that we need so badly. Banks still have too much power. Power to steal everyones hard earned pension money.

  7. enkelin32 says:

    @GILLERANUSA …True about this being just TARP. Between the FED and Treasury they had already committed over 7.6 Trillion before December 2008.

  8. angelfed20 says:

    i don’t know. the approach would be like making the economy blow up.
    I think that what the Gov did it turned up to be successful as all the major banks except citi paid out the principal plus interests

  9. curtisjb1983 says:

    1. Sal has much more push in this world both, explicitly and implicitly through the education he is providing than your whole entire family combined.
    2. I learned in grade school that war brought us out of the great depression. Not letting the banks fail is what keeps depressions from happening. Capital is what drives this country. Lose the ability to move capital and CAPITALism fails.
    3. Unthought out? That just sounds retarded.

  10. curtisjb1983 says:

    It’s just an idea people. We will never know whether this would have worked better than what we used. We will never know if giving the money to the population would have either (people forget that we tried that with the stimulus checks). Economics is not an exact science so we can sit here and make accusations but the truth is no one can be sure what is best.

  11. GILLERANUSA says:

    1. The $700B is just TARP. Real value of monetary assistance includes, a) IR 0%, b) backstop guarantees, c) AIG bailout, d) M2market v. M2model, etc…

    2. The money is spent, so it’s not available to capitalize new banks.

    3. The real solution would’ve been to give the money directly to the people in the form of big, fat checks to jump-start the multiplier effect and some common sense reforms in banking while unwinding the losers (BoA, Citi, GS, etc…) Resolution Trust-style.

  12. pagalmadman1 says:

    i hav got so much stuff in my mind, i guess i need to mail u…….
    also i hav an insight and few doubts….but this stupid youtube comment cant exceed 500 charachters…..
    BTW, i hav been watching ur videos from the start from ur website…. and i find them really worth watching tonnes of thanks……. keep up the good job……

  13. pagalmadman1 says:

    3.The old banks will defuse out instantly as all the ppl wiD their money saved in the banks will ask for their money, all existing banks will go bankrupt & so all the banks that exist will get over instantaneously, while creating 50 banks wud take time building & setting up staff etc..& popularizing them..,SUMMARY:d old banks wud fuse and new banks wudnt b ready, implies no banks at many places.

    4. most people will out of shock lose trust over banks, implies no further usage of banks.

  14. pagalmadman1 says:

    few loopholes in the new solution……..
    1. What about the people who have money saved in the banks that u hav left to die……(the old banks)

    2. since nobody has money to invest as every one is scared about their future needs of money, who is going to invest in these banks?

    continued in next comment……..

  15. pagalmadman1 says:

    i think some ppl who overvalue the property that forms the basis for CDMO’s are corrupted or mayb the bank owners show that the property was low value getting the rest of the money after selling them in their pockets……..

  16. “This is their book equity; this is what they say is the book value of their assets.”


    Equity = assets – liabilities.

    Remember equity, the little rectangle on the lower left? It’s a lot smaller than assets. The amount of nominal asset value that could be destroyed if the crisis relapses and goes to completion would be an order of magnitude greater. So would the real asset value destroyed in the course of liquidation as productive going concerns are replaced with scrap and salvage.

  17. trainicvideos says:

    Exellent Videos !!!

  18. andreyoso says:

    Hi Sal..

    I personally thinks that your proposal is a good idea. However, in terms or real implementation it is a bit unrealistic.

    My reason:
    1. Opening a new bank might incur a huge start up cost. Besides it will be a long time lag since its inception until full operation as the new banks needs to acquire capital.

    2. Most importantly, what differentiate us to the Chinese banking system then? When Banking are only used as a tool to pass the money to the public.

    p.s: i really enjoy your video!

  19. nafizkarim says:

    I really like the idea in creating new banks and letting old bank declare bankruptcy- this can fix liquidity. But my only problem with this idea is that allowing old banks to become insolvent will make people who have money in the old banks take out all their savings and hide their it under their bed. Isn’t this situation much worse? Do you think there is a way this new bank plan can accommodate to the fear that people may lose their checking and savings if the old banks declare bankruptcy?

  20. ananiasacts says:

    The mortgage interest tax credit could be doubled for only about 660B/yr. That would have prevented us from having to bail out the banks and brought them a lot of new business in the form of the 1/3 of homeowners that have no mortgage. That credit could be phased out entirely over a long period leaving a more equitable tax code and lower home prices. Letting the banks crash would harm lots of ordinary people via their 401Ks etc.

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  22. profwito says:

    Any solution which solely focuses on the problems in the financial economy won’t do anything to help the real economy. This problem originated in the real economy with overconsumption and overindebtedness created by easy credit policies. The only solution to this would be allow bankruptcy to reign supreme. To ease this correction, government could cut spending and taxes.

  23. emilianopickett says:

    The real thing Sal is forgetting is that ‘too big to fail’ really means that certain shareholders of certain banks are too important to lose their investments.

    If the Sal/Todd plan were put into effect, many of the existing financial institutions would go belly up. But who are the shareholders–Saudi princes, congressmen, senators, etc.
    This is the sad reason Sal/Todd’s plan will never see the light of day.

  24. draggeddownthehole says:

    Yes, but those banks in Canada for instance are as guilty for trusting these toxic assets filled banks with their money. And all these countries have to do is apply the same solution home. This is a form of social credit. People would get dividends from it.

  25. Part of the issue that I think this solution neglects is that the systemic risk is global. Remember the hit financial markets around the world took after Lehman Bros collapsed? These Wall Street banks are in huge debt to banks around the world

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