This is Bendigo's first Zombie shuffle but we hope to have more events like this and with more people, enjoy the video. Liam 🙂

It's a fun day out for the whole family. No, really. Lots of zombie families. All sorts of zombies in fact. Hope you enjoy it. My other channels: Less Angry ...


  1. Dinosaur fad > Zombie fad

  2. What a great day!

  3. H.F. de Vries says:

    shuffle ?

  4. Emily O'Connor says:

    aw 1:46 is me 😀

  5. sunsetlover says:

    Looks like loads of fun

  6. 5.33 I see that punk girl!! That’s me!!!

  7. Jasmin Mathews says:

    Nawww, thats me at 8:30 :’)

  8. Ozjourneyman says:

    6:31 Someone needs to be a crack shot to deal with that one Hahaha. Yeah I know. I’m the only one who laughed at that cheap joke ;)~

  9. GriffinWolf2008 says:

    I love the shirt you’re wearing!

  10. darkprincesskatia says:

    1:34 is meeee!! I’m with the Harry Potter group! x

  11. 7:22 baby zombie!! Aww. I wish i lived in melbourne everything cool happens there..

  12. Jack o connor says:


    waaaaayy to much brains

  13. there has been a Slenderman sighting!

  14. 7:57
    they win, everyone else go home.
    hahaa, so many awesome zombies, i think the perth one is coming up

  15. AridersLife says:

    Wayne world is best 7:53

  16. Emil Petrunov says:

    The area aat 3:39 reminded me allot of one of the more prominant streets in my hometown : D

  17. KHGuitarFreak1988 says:

    Ha. Noticed some of you guys hanging around the city in the evening, presumably after the gathering…

  18. LaughterAndGuilt says:

    2:01, The Laughter and Guilt Zombie team

  19. Danny Boylan says:

    6:30, so theres a buttcrack, i’m amused too easily.

  20. Deaththrea10 says:


  21. Phillip Souter says:

    to bad that i didnt see you there andrew, there was littery thousands of zombies this year, so much more than last years im guessing