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25 Responses to “Black Ops – Sniper Montage By LiMiTZ (HD)”

  1. MrMachinima12 says:


  2. O_O…alter das sind edle abschüsse

  3. Zockerschnosch says:


  4. MrMachinima12 says:

    @dbarrz thank uu

  5. Real Nice Espically At Da White Part !

  6. MrFilou11 says:

    Danke Danke Danke

  7. MrFilou11 says:

    Abomir mich bite

  8. MrMachinima12 says:

    @MrFilou11 danke brudaa <3

  9. MrFilou11 says:

    Du kanst deutsch ne ich habe dir überal daumen gemacht

  10. MrFilou11 says:

    Abo me pleas pleas pleas

  11. MrMachinima12 says:

    @MrFilou11 thank u 😀

  12. MrFilou11 says:

    Very good video!!! Look at mine also.

  13. MrMachinima12 says:

    @MrFilou11 ?

  14. MrFilou11 says:


  15. MrMachinima12 says:

    @Lowbap1313 thx broo :D

  16. Lowbap1313 says:

    Very good video one of the best!!!!!!! NICE JOB

  17. MrMachinima12 says:

    @TxZxGaminG yeahhh 

  18. TxZxGaminG says:

    This is Zeds Dead’s remix

  19. AvengingTheKite says:

    @MrMachinima12 Thank you! amazing song! and nice montage!

  20. MrMachinima12 says:

    @AvengingTheKite Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire Remix :D^^

  21. AvengingTheKite says:

    name of the song?

  22. MrMachinima12 says:

    @TheCasgex thx gasgex :D^^

  23. TheCasgex says:

    Oha, altee. Geile Montage ^^ fG Casgex ; P u know who i am !

  24. MrMachinima12 says:

    @FreakyRuss thx

  25. FreakyRuss says:

    Nice :D