The Boston League of Women Wrestlers enter J. Cannibal's zombie costume contest and strut their stuff in the zombie shuffle.

As fun as the game is I do feel a little cheated because I paid money for a game that quite clearly wasn't even finished. "Dead Island is Fallout 3 with zomb...
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25 Responses to “BLOWW does J. Cannibal’s Feast of Flesh”

  1. syphrus23 says:

    3:00 That scene had a leak. Hope they fix it 5:55 This happened to me as
    well. I didnt expect the guy to move while the ground was still burning. He
    died and I had to do the mission over again.

  2. Maz Smith says:

    just think of all the bugs, as collectables!

  3. GerardoArwi57 says:

    That’s why you shouldn’t complain why Episode 3 took bloody ages to
    finished. (If it is currently even in development by Valve) -_-

  4. Jake Johnson says:

    i agree that they really shouldnt release un finished games but the thing
    is they are under pressure to do so and if they dont release it when its
    meant to then they get very bad press so its a lose lose situation for
    them. i would usually be fuming about paying for an unfinished game but i
    got the game for free from the site i mention in some of my vids so im not
    too bothered. Plus i think they will fix most problems soon with patches 🙂

  5. sheraf woday says:

    Nikolai went black faster than I did in prison.

  6. SirKemper1 says:

    Perhaps I’m the only one but: Did the weapon degradation in this game
    remind anybody else of a horrible hybrid of the ones implemented in Fallout
    3 and Dead Rising? Actually, personally the entire game felt like that too
    me, a game that was radically shifted mid development too be some sort of
    horrific fusion of F3 and DR.

  7. extracrispyz says:

    @SirKemper1 Yep. The game felt unoriginal. Weapon durability was tedious
    and upgrading didn’t have the same satisfying effect as in DR. Even the
    tape recordings from the reporter felt like a ripoff from the recordings in
    bioshock (especially when compared to the guy who turns into a big daddy in
    bioshock 2).

  8. @kman756 I’d say it’s more like Borderlands if anything.

  9. Let’s hope this game gets fixed through patches soon

  10. Trogdorbad says:

    Never had these problems on 360. ::V Here’s my summary of Dead Island:
    Macguyver must escape the zombie apocalypse.

  11. Garrus Vakarian says:

    the zombie trying to climb out of the water has down syndrome.

  12. CubaLibre says:

    No, no. It’s Borderlands with zombies. Totally a different thing.

  13. Tentacle Touchy says:

    I have been having an utter blast on this game with my mates, quite the
    social game.

  14. Philmriss says:

    1:40 invisible blowjob

  15. Walkers at 3:15 : You attack him first. No you. Oh come on, someone has to
    save jim, he’s drowning.

  16. BitOPtimus says:

    After pirating and beating this game I can honestly say that I’m glad I
    didn’t buy it. The only way I was able to enjoy the game was to use the
    fists of the dead star mod.

  17. the game is actually called dead island ._____.

  18. CaptinTrips says:

    @NoSpoonForYou Depends on who you ask really. If you look at the forums I
    think its more of a case of vocal minority. Just my opinion though.

  19. Mikau San says:

    I’ll tell his parents I love them when I see them.

  20. ObnoxiousCaterer says:

    6:03 Boy, they weren’t kidding about going black…

  21. Bloodyknite says:

    worth the weight

  22. But Fallout already had zombies.

  23. HaganeSteel says:

    Welcome to modern gaming. I don’t usually jump on the “old games rule, new
    games suck!” bandwagon, but lately, these newer games seem to get released
    way too early and just keep rehashing the same gameplay mechanics over and

  24. If Dead Island is Fallout 3 with zombies then i guess Fallout New Vegas was
    Fallout 3 in California

  25. I had high hopes for this game. Waited and watched for several years, and
    then they throw down a heaping pile in front of me. I am disappoint.