NEW Exclusive Eboot Plus New Patch download link here BOXHEAD: PSP STYLE is a clone of Sean Cooper's ( - flash game series Boxhead: The Zombie Wars, a Top-Down Shoot-em-up game. Objectives: -KILL ZOMBIES and DEVILS -STAY ALIVE -Have fun! MENU CONTROLS [x] - Choose ANALOG/D-PAD - Move Player GAME CONTROLS: [x] - Fire Weapon [L] - Cycle Through Weapons(Previous) [R] - Cycle Through Weapons(Next) [START] - Pauses Game ANALOG/D-PAD - Move Character PAUSE MENU CONTROLS: [L] - Cycle through Music (backward) [R] - Cycle through music (forward) [TRIANGLE] - Toggle Song Shuffle [] - Clear all BLood and Burnt Marks - do this if you experience lagging SELECT - Exit to Menu START - Unpause ENEMIES: ZOMBIE: If you get cornered with low firepower can be a big problem. Will attempt to completely encircle and then eat you. DEVIL: Have a powerful fireball attack that can quickly end your life. Takes some Heavy FirePower to kill these suckers. As you gain Kills, A number in the Top right of the screen will Rise. This is your Combo Counter, and it will go down unless you keep killing more zombies faster. As the Combo counter reaches higher Numbers, you will Unlock weapons, and upgrades for those weapons. Info: - 8 Different Weapons - 90+ Weapon Upgrades - 2 Types of Enemies - 3 huge maps each with their own highscore - 3 Difficulties, each harder then the last - Enable or Disable Devils (drastically makes game easier ...

25 Responses to “BOXHEAD 2: PSP STYLE ~ New Patch(Sg57) New Eboot(SephLeak)”

  1. gabriel25gatens says:

    does this work for 6.35 pro hen?

  2. Kevinandres96 says:

    well see theres a boxhead bounty hunter now 😛

  3. XxDarknessAngelxX100 says:

    Invalid or Deleted File
    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire

    D: nuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. @rougejedi5 ok first of all, my comment was made 7 months ago. I don’t want a reply and second of all, this project was never completed. it still has bugs.

  5. rougejedi5 says:

    @lotlat hey i have boxhead on my psp and everytime i die it turns my psp off and the music sounds choppy but other than that its fine how do ifix that? plz help

  6. Link is broken

  7. thegregster101 says:

    lol same wtf

  8. hiiamevil00 says:

    download is yet still broken, fuck you all! (rips of penis and screams in horror)

  9. download still broken, holy shit! (kicks tv and screams in horror)

  10. download broken, god damn it! (kicks chair and breathes hard)

  11. the problem with all of you is that you need the 1.5 psp ADD-ON (yes ADD-ON) which is not included in the psp so go online and search for it.

  12. blubswillrule says:

    did you help make this? if so then i would suggest using grid based pathfinding instead of just having the zombies always face you.

  13. does anyone know the music that plays in the main menu. cause thought it was cool and did not know its name

  14. Brian74518 says:

    how do i acually put it ON the psp?

  15. just wait a second before hitting o or x

  16. sickweak56 says:

    is there anyone you could fix the menu? coz its really annoying everyime u have to press it just freezes , i think thats first thing u guys have to fix

  17. omg this boxheads stinks on psp man everytime i try to press yes on this game it shut off my psp wtf???

  18. FurryIndian says:

    my psp says this game could not be started plz help

  19. when will the ad hoc version be out!?! Im rly looking forward to it

  20. numb encore

  21. how do you put the game in your psp. i downloaded version 1.00 and i hav no idea on how to put the game file in o.O PLEASE HELP

  22. Yup

  23. a new box head!?

  24. your welcome
    I’m trying to contact Sg57 soo I can help him on the next release
    Since I can’t contact him I will take matters into my on hands and make a new release when i get a break

  25. worked for me no lag thanks!