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a lil shuffle i popped out today πŸ˜› boreddddddd majorlyyyyyyyyyy HELP ME GET THIS TO 1K VIEWSSS
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10 Responses to “Broadripple ZOMBIE WALK 2010 … Braaaaaiiinnsss! :)”

  1. l4d2fan40 says:

    hey im in this one xD

  2. MovimentoPsyTrance says:

    hey song name?

  3. AndrejTheShuffler says:

    @TheTwizt3r Making videos is fun isn’t it!!! =D nicE Shuffle!!

  4. MzKerstinx says:

    Ahhhh awsome!!! ^__^ Keep it up! P.L.U.R <3

  5. MzKerstinx says:

    who sings this song!!? >__< I want to have a shuffle to it in my video I am making and I am pretty sure this is the version I am looking for. Keep up the shuffling!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ <3 it

  6. sparXX2438 says:

    @TheTwizt3r oh i dont mind but others will

  7. TheTwizt3r says:

    @sparXX2438 how is tht bad bro??

  8. evan that is the shit(:

  9. sparXX2438 says:

    pretty good buddy only thing i would say is your making too many vids too fast but still good

  10. bmonkey96 says:

    this is so good..i like it πŸ™‚