2nd video. again messing around. were still practicing. as u can see our fist video was yesterday. i know im fat and i cant shuffle(tony) but we do appreciate comments. tips. thumbs up. we dont have any programs to edit our videos. but we do plan on getting sum asap. thanx for watching this stupid video song: Dave Darell "children" club radio edit
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Story Behind the Dance: (what I interpreted from Mike) Basically imagine a robot that's marching with his fellow comrads doing his normal routine. (0:00 - 0:09) All the sudden, a ball of energy comes around and sparks life and meaning into this robot. (0:10 - 0:14) As the ball of energy flies in and around the robot, the robot gets confused of what's going on. (0:15 - 0:17) Then the ball of energy goes loose and the robot tries to capture it but struggles to find it (the leg shuffle is when the robot checks underneath his legs to see if the ball of energy is there). (0:18 - 0:22) Then the robot decides to release the ball of energy back into the air and to take some time to think the new epiphany he has just learned. (0:23 - 0:27) The robot then realizes that there's so much more to life than being a zombie and decides to have fun and be happy (the reason for the feminine moves). (0:28 - 0:37) From learning all this new information from the new world, the robot overloads and has a blackout, a beneficial blackout, and has finally gotten comfortable with his new perspective on life. (0:38 - 0:52) However, the robot "overlord" sees this and is disappointed. Therefore, the overlord short circuits the robot back to a normal zombie drone. (0:53 - 0:56) Misc. Info: Choreo was hard as crap to learn. It was a fast song and the class went really fast. Andrew Baterina also happened to be there learning Mike's choreo. Anyone know what the song is called?
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28 Responses to “Children Shufflers”

  1. tastethesorrow6 says:


  2. nia2008xxxx says:

    – nice, keep practicing.

    – Niaa

  3. jovan500 says:

    hahahaha good job guyz!!!!

  4. paulmartin15 says:

    @fadcAuTra is 20 bucks expensive there? )

  5. fadcAuTra says:

    @paulmartin15 20 bucks per person

  6. paulmartin15 says:

    @xXRoxasKH2Xx is it expensive to take mike’s class?

  7. fantasticalNINJA says:

    wasnt that big dude in the red the whole who battled pacman?

  8. Lias4ever says:

    wow amazing choreo and description!

  9. imalwayzballin says:

    anyone notice tall dude in all white tryin to dance in sandels….smh…

  10. alexxx894u says:

    @xXRoxasKH2Xx Shinichi Osawa Remix^^ that guy is awesome I swear…

  11. Crazyracer00 says:

    The Whip- Blackout (Shinichi Osawa) remix track 4 on disc one of his Teppan-Yaki Album

  12. VickieDeex says:

    tbh i think its still sickk !

  13. llcrazyaznll says:

    haha love heavy impact in the back

  14. NotAhGin says:

    I think its hilarious ppl go to these and try to dance in FLIP FLOPS and BARE FEET.

  15. mr7Sjaakz says:

    kills it

  16. M10J10G10 says:

    His robot moves are average. But he can dance though no doubt

  17. Jayremiah says:

    chubby dude i mean.

  18. Jayremiah says:

    lol at the guy in the red.

  19. TheFlamerOwnsYou says:

    Start at 0:36 and the guy in the left, little chubby guy in red, is so funny XD

    Aha, looks like Mike Song doesn’t really mind what skill level you’re at for him to teach you.


  20. HKNINJASx says:

    damn ! Mike is so goood .

  21. gundownkid says:

    man whats that song

  22. Taurai321 says:

    he gave you a freestyle at the end and you have the nerve to say he didn’t put much effort in. LOL!

  23. guy in slippers sucks lol

  24. didisan976 says:

    escuz me… do you have it? I can’t find it in youtube

  25. didisan976 says:

    do you have it? I can’t find it

  26. xXminenotyoursXx says:

    i really dont know why but it kinda makes me want to stare at his feet .. . LOL

    i think you know what i mean.

  27. mpat1265 says:

    why is that guy in his house slippers

  28. xXRoxasKH2Xx says:

    The Whip – Blackout shin something remix