Christian Watson is a performance poet of questionable tastes, here performing his zombie poem for an appreciative audience at Chill Pill in London, a night hosted by Ray Antrobus and Mister Gee. Check out more of Christian Watson at To begin with opinions varied Some said it was a virus from outer space Others said the cause was nuclear waste The religious were of the opinion it was judgement day Whilst the atheists filled the churches to confess and pray The paranoid As always Said it was a government experiment Whereas the realists said the cause is irrelevant They said stop chasing p[ink elephants and look at the facts The dead are coming back It's as simple as that The first to react were the middle classes They didn't panic as the virus infected the planet No They wrote letters complaining of property damage saying "Where are the police? Why do i pay my taxes" Letters to The Daily Mail written in tight lipped polite language Hinting at immigrant workers being the first carriers "this would never have happened if Diana was alive" But she isn't, so they did nothing, just complained and died Now, the kids raised on Playstations they thought it was great "It's like resident evil for real or left for dead but not fake" "Though there's no extra lives and no ammo cheats So these kids couldn't compete with the hordes of shuffling feet They didn't last a week and were chewed up by chipped teeth But what do you expect when you are half obese form ...
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2 Responses to “Christian Watson @ Chill Pill “Undead Face Chomping Killer Cannibals””

  1. Vampires? Without sex? Madness. That whole side of the genre is fuelled by horny fan girls 😀

  2. MikeHuntagape says:

    Get with the program Chris… Vampires is the new zombies 🙂
    Do these zombies wear Burberry ?