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20 Responses to “Common-The game”

  1. DrKushBurns says:

    @travisof08 Common = Kanye West. Kanye manufactured common’s national presence with BE. ‘Love is’ & ‘B.E.’ were also produced by kanye but had influence and production by james yancey aka Gahd Pro-d. Im not saying Kanye made common, but as far as mainstream, yes. I live in texas. Long ways from the Chi. And I had no idea common had a few sick albums out before that one. Im jus sayin… Kanye does A LOT in the industry. Common ain’t doing that much but as far as a message, I fuck with him and EM

  2. TheRexxx23 says:

    Obviously, one Lil’ Wayne fan doesn’t like this song 😛

  3. TheRealYashi says:

    @travisof08 ;D you have a firm grasp of the obvious

  4. travisof08 says:

    Common > Kanye West

  5. badass9991 says:

    one of the top five hip hop artists of all time

  6. TheEazyDuzIt95 says:

    @polomalugotweirdname It’s called sampling

  7. GoggleMan25 says:

    The HOOK is by DJ Premier, the rest is by Kanye.

  8. MrRapFreestyle says:


  9. @MrMoryn Of course its DJ Premier.

  10. Lazander100 says:

    common reminds me of styles
    Styles is the author of a book called “the game”

  11. polomalugotweirdname says:

    kanye stole this from ethiopian song

  12. iDarkAssassinX says:

    Dope Track Common!!!

  13. Really good beat 😉

  14. undergroundmusic100 says:

    yeh good Man !! im Rappeur in Morocco Big Up

  15. KhalidragonballZ says:

    I love the rhythm of this song, SO MUCH! Common is the man!

  16. i never come lame tight killin in the game

  17. LightningBoltz says:

    Dang this song blows butt hole.

  18. geassmasterx says:


  19. bababaloona says:

    fucking love this beat.. Common keepin it real

  20. GREAT… uncensored version THANKZ!!!!