Zombie and Mrkev

=) enjoy nd tell me how you liked download link: soundcloud.com follow on fb if you like =) : www.facebook.com TRACKLIST: Gucci Crew II - Sally That Girl (Dj DaGo Happy valentine's Day Remix) Shoam & Gavriel Vs Inout - I Will Be There (Tonic Remix) Chris Brown - Yeah 3x (Bassanova & Moradzo Bootleg) Nina Sky - Move Ya Body (Neon Kream Latin BOOTY BANGA! Remix) Stafford Brothers ft Jamie Lee Wilson - Champagne Nights (Tom Piper Remix) Zombie Nation - Squeek (Bart B More Remix) Twista feat. Kanye West - Overnight Celebrity (J-trick Bootleg) Little Boots - Earthquake (Gianni Marino Gila Mix)
Video Rating: 3 / 5

28 Responses to “Czech Shufflers”

  1. FacerCz1 says:

    Kluci, trenůjte přechody z rm do t-stepu =) a hlavně nikam nespěchejte ;)..Chce to jen trénink

  2. CannabisCanShuffle says:

    Vyser se na ty kicky spiny a vsechno, hlavni je umet paradne rm a t-step a jak se na tebe divam tak rm mas peknyho ale ty prestupy to je nic moc jako, zkus jen rm a t-step a az si to poradne vychytas tak tam pripoj dalsi prvky.
    Keep it up=)

  3. CzShuffler says:

    tak ten začátek nemá chybu :)) nenapadlo mě nikdy začít kickama 🙂

  4. jerk1131 says:

    lol 😀 xD

  5. Yo dude you gotta give me some of the adds from the shawties in ya clips…

  6. Damn girl… I think I’m in love wid electro house now… We should jam sometime… lol

  7. XxTechnoLoverx says:

    You’ve Must Of Been Really Bored!! Lol Nicee Though 😉

  8. what is the name of the club at 5:33?

  9. what’s the name of the club at 4:40?

  10. FOREVERYOUN9 says:

    Does your mama know about this?

  11. sexitright says:

    @DJDaGo951 LOL i gotta thank you for those sick tracks ^^

  12. DJDaGo951 says:

    Thanks for the support lol dope girl ahaha =]

  13. MegaDop3y says:

    listen 2 DJ LIL DOP3Y

  14. RuleFahd says:


    Electro House 2011 ( DIRTY MIX ) DJ RUL3

    Like & Sub if you like it !

  15. stutzyyh says:

    jaa bitte spatz 😛
    und omg da ghört mer ja wider sache vo dier 😛 😀

  16. sexitright says:

    @stutzyyh haha gay version

  17. stutzyyh says:

    kei type gfunde? 😉 😛

  18. sexitright says:

    @StillBased thxx 😀

  19. StillBased says:

    Like it Bootays and sick house 😀

  20. /watch?v=gABx5AA4Aao

  21. /watch?v=WUm8fTgv-xg

  22. Just2sexytenna says:

    mi canal es sexy

  23. salvatoredjsaba says:

    thumb up 【ツ】

  24. SPACEKIdGERR says:


    -DJ RESK

  26. sexitright says:

    @ilikecake1994 info box =)

  27. ilikecake1994 says:

    badass mix! u gotta track list bro?

  28. DaElectroHouse says:

    lol at the first clip xD