Krochen and Shuffle
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

13 Responses to “Dani and Harry”

  1. Maerthrius says:

    great compilation and songs… can i have the song lists please? ty

  2. aytee91 says:

    haha, thanks man

  3. HBCREZE1122 says:

    lol first song is Andrew Spencer and the Vamprockerz – Zombie (Ray Knox Remix)

  4. aytee91 says:

    yeah what is the first song ?

  5. aytee91 says:

    hahas wow, thanks man (Y)

  6. HardstyleChippy says:

    awsome compilation :O
    whats jacobs and skyboii’s song?

  7. xXkobashiXx says:

    Nice Man
    Sweet Compilation

  8. STAAAVO says:


  9. HBCREZE1122 says:

    umm are yo gay??? coz its hard to telll

    do you like the stiff dickk??

  10. choasbomb says:

    wat a shit shuffle of me =/

  11. STAAAVO says:

    yum. all great shufflers.


  12. jacob1039 says:

    nice video bro :]

  13. Baza041 says:

    wats da 1st song??