ded 2 some lvd 1's sxcmar0h aiidz chaos shufflers
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10 Responses to “dedication 2 some lovd ones”

  1. SmartHardstyle says:

    @Frosky94 i think its Zombie – ray nox or somthingg search it in youtube and please sub

  2. MUFCfan01 says:



  3. cuzz to sxcc:P

  4. Frosky94 says:

    good shufflee man whats the song called

  5. yommiiff says:

    WoW i think i know this guy…did u shuffle at the cro church? well it sure looks like the side of it! comment me back! croat For Lyf!

  6. sxcaDriano says:

    sexyy vid broo
    getting better and better 🙂

    tc man <3u

    the. aDriianoO

  7. THEmzgrk says:

    where was i in ur dedii :O:O

    nahh im jokin =D
    i loved it very sexxxx

    mwaaaaah THE.mzGrk

  8. sexy kunt 😛 like it 😉

  9. CConayuki says:

    ooou sxc 😉

  10. HARDSTYLEgeorgiie says:

    OUUFTT WARRA SXIII kiddooo ahaha

    mad shuffle man n fanx ehe im in d ded *blush*
    THE. geOrgiie