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25 Responses to “Dom Shuffle (Zombie)”

  1. ddrsk8kid says:

    also bro wht editing did u use? dont taze me bro

  2. DShuffl3z says:

    Verrryyy nice man lovin that shuffle so badd x] 5/5 Dshuffl3z

  3. Fr00bkid45 says:

    huahah thanks ^^

  4. nickdonati10 says:

    oi bro wats doing could u send me the song? XD

  5. Luis Saldarriaga says:

    you are like my hero bro.

  6. barden247 says:

    that was a nice style and it was good as keep on shuffling alright mate

  7. Fr00bkid45 says:

    same XD

  8. Erik Molina says:

    good job dom u gettin better eachtime i see u πŸ˜€ keep on rawkin!!!

  9. GaRrAfAn214 says:

    WHOOOOOO!!!! ^_____^ awesomeeee jobbbbbbbbb dommmmmmmmmm!!!!!! loveee
    itttttt!!! 5/5 πŸ˜€ keeep it upppp!!! <3

  10. cristian rodriguez says:

    the name of the song is in your head (zombie remix)

  11. Fr00bkid45 says:

    XD AHHAHA thanks

  12. HarderNation says:

    keep it up…hahah…nice shuffling

  13. LELDE MAΕ KOVA says:

    very nice video.. πŸ˜‰ i like this song!!!

  14. Harrys Fonseca-Gutierrez says:

    Your the shit Dom…

  15. DoN Spektor says:

    niuce shuffle;) 5* keep it up

  16. Fr00bkid45 says:

    @Mrconstipatedking31 Wow Harrys xD Ily dawg

  17. D: Ohhhh mannn I wish I could do that! Where do you learn this stuff? Or do
    you just pick it up πŸ˜› Anyways it’s cool I love watching yer vids!

  18. Willis Hsieh says:

    It’s a dance, people dance how they like.

  19. SaM MrFunnyXD says:

    mm sexy, cool running man, keep mastering it!! –SaM

  20. Guitarist720x says:

    damn nigguh ur getting wayyy too good im never gonna be able to get tht
    good lawl nicee vid

  21. Dominic Puah says:

    Baik Pok la bro We live 4 hardstyle!!! Haha T.H.A.T//Dominic

  22. Mj Fimbres says:

    perfect shuffle to the perfect song!!!!

  23. thebadboygroove says:

    this vid is awesome

  24. Fr00bkid45 says:

    haha thanks so much

  25. Fr00bkid45 says:

    hehe thanks tania