Doom 3 zombie shuffle Map / Mod. This is a cool map.. with jokes and basicly fun all round.. SO ENJOY RATE COMMENT AND HOPEFULLY SUBSCRIBE.

13 Responses to “Doom 3 zombie shuffle”

  1. ElektraMode says:

    yeah it would be cool if they made this map into doom 3 coop ^^

  2. mrrotweiler2 says:

    always fun to shoot zombies with traffic cones on their heads haha ^^ Ill take ascreener of that and use as a wp :p

  3. ElektraMode says:

    never knew there was a secret door… thx for saying il scheck it out

  4. KamikazeeWatermelon6 says:

    You forgot the secret door behind the snack machine!

  5. KamikazeeWatermelon6 says:

    I love this map. The armored zombies are also a pretty cool idea to add to a serious map too.

  6. cheezecakeV2 says:

    “Please kick me”

  7. ElektraMode says:

    u should play it… and get doom 3 1.3.1 wwith coop mod… its fun t oplay..

  8. phiber102 says:

    yepp but i havent played it for a verylong time 😀

  9. ElektraMode says:

    in a version 1.3.1 coz i only play coop multiplayer… ur gatling has 200… much more fun :)… i want to get doom 4 if it comes olut… do u hav doom 3?

  10. phiber102 says:

    and btw who the hell is so stupid to design a minigun/gattling gun and just put 60 rounds in the mag????

  11. phiber102 says:

    Well if its one thing all these “sacre” games has taught me, is that i never want to wake up in a place somewhere, where everyone is dead/dying and all i have to start with is a wernch or a shitty pipe of some kind…….

  12. Pivotman000 says:

    lol when i first opened that locker I was like…………wtf?

    and on ”Kick me” and ”bang” I laughed my head off

  13. pieceofpiesoftware says:

    lol this is a cool fun mod, I like it when people put humor into scary games. Especially the “Please kick me” Revenant, and the zombies with random things stuck through their head.
    Good thing is, it wasn’t only made to be funny. It was pretty well made too.
    That room with all the zombie gunners, after they cut the door down, was a tricky one.
    lol and a good ending, party to the awesome music!
    Good stuff, thanks for recording 😀