Doom 3 map (mod) zombie shuffle.
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At Drakes house.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

12 Responses to “Doom 3 zombie shuffle map”

  1. Quake4and6 says:

    1:04 plz kick me XD XD LOLOL

  2. ElektraMode says:

    you can watch the whole playthrugh on my account

  3. mrrotweiler2 says:

    haha i rem this one, love that absurd humour :p Kinda same way im trying to move with my mod 🙂

  4. Cool i’ll check that out now 🙂

  5. ElektraMode says:

    yea red will is pretty good… another simiolAR good map is serengtove… btw watch my playthrough… (on my account)

  6. Awesome map. This is my second favoroute next to redwill manor

  7. John Madden says:

    Haha lol plz Kik me, nice vid Alex, btw its Yammitheicecreamman

  8. ElektraMode says:

    il make playthrough soon… maybe than ul no how 2.. (playthrough will be made on sunday) (2 days time)

  9. pieceofpiesoftware says:

    I tried this map some time ago, it looked fun and funny. I couldn’t get past the second room though, with the locker things. I looked around for ages and couldn’t find a code for them or any way to proceed D: this video makes me wish I had, such sillyness.

  10. jacket321 says:

    Its only me Nexus, Im the last one.

  11. MrCrayolaProductions says:

    i just noticed drake looks a little off beat, or is that just me??

  12. cnasmommy says:

    Is this hash dubz hash hybrid or nexus btw its ashley aka Genuine QsR