This is a tribute music video to one of the greatest video game systems of all time and best Sega system around, the Sega Dreamcast. Song: Blurry - Puddle of Mudd 1. Crazy Taxi 2. Dynamite Cop 3. Expendable 4. Frogger 2 5. Fur Fighters 6. Gauntlet Legends 7. Hydro Thunder 8. Jet Grind Radio 9. Mortal Kombat Gold 10. Outtrigger 11. Plasma Sword 12. Powerstone 13. Powerstone 2 14. Quake 3 Arena 15. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 16. Rush 2049 17. Slave Zero 18. Sonic Adventure 19. Sonic Adventure 2 20. Sonic Shuffle 21. Soul Calibur 22. Spawn: In the Demon's Hand 23. The House of the Dead 2 24. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 25. Toy Commander 26. Trickstyle 27. Unreal Tournament 28. Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense 29. Virtua Fighter 3TB 30. Zombie Revenge 31. Evolution: World of Sacred Device 32. Guilty Gear X (Japanese Version) 33. Psychic Force 2012 34. Shadow Man 35. Centipede 36. Grand Theft Auto 2
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25 Responses to “Dreamcast Music Video”

  1. Spike321Bebop says:

    @mathew19648 Thanks ^_^

  2. mathew19648 says:

    beautiful, just beautiful

  3. chrisz31974 says:

    @KevboardGames I wish I could agree more, but it’s impossible. I love Dreamcast

  4. Spike321Bebop says:

    @KevboardGames I concur

  5. KevboardGames says:

    one of the greatest video game systems of all time? are you serious? IT IS BY FAR THE BEST!!!!!! not one of the best THE BEST!

  6. SeraLink says:

    i agree with you .

  7. PowerStunna says:

    haha, great tribute! Good times with most of those games!

  8. ScotlandSerenity says:


  9. COgaita says:

    i remember all of them and so much more games.. snif



  11. stoopidcheepfilms says:

    oh.. :s

  12. Spike321Bebop says:

    Actually, that’s a first person shooter called Outtrigger on Dreamcast. The robot was just an unlockable character.

  13. stoopidcheepfilms says:

    whats the gane from 1:21 to 1:29 the robot game

  14. OFFDERSS089 says:


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    .( ).

  16. executiveE says:

    belive it or not it was pirating that put the dreamcast out of business .

  17. metallicsnakeblood says:

    where is dead of alive 2? 🙁

  18. Snakebite2468 says:

    Centipede! Hell yeah!

  19. Spike321Bebop says:


  20. Pyramidtank says:

    /▌fucking awesome!

  21. dude… fucking awesome!! so many great games!! i do not why the console it wasn’t a succes, because the new generation systems are all based in the sega dreamcast!! 🙂

  22. super65man says:

    tell you what man if there is a new dreamcast which there wont be sega already anounced it and if there will be i want proof, anyway i will give you my pay pal account which has an unlimeted amount

  23. Spike321Bebop says:

    hells yeah!!

  24. dog10god says:

    believe in 09/09/09

  25. Spike321Bebop says:

    That’s a bummer. But, like Soul Calibur, “The soul still burns but the legend will never die”