Eagletone DG-1 Acoustic/Electric Guitar
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

15 Responses to “Eagletone DG-1 Acoustic/Electric Guitar”

  1. HoboDavid457 says:

    this guitar seems too good to be true. Im looking foor a guitar to play in my youth band at church. wouldit be good for that? you guys arent cheating me are you?

  2. Anthony95270 says:

    My girlfriend got one, the neck is so shitty –‘

  3. uhm so im tuning the eagletone dg1ce and i left it alone for awhile like 10 minutes and when i went to check up on it, it went totally out of tune is it suppose to do that ?

  4. hey what guitar bag would you prefer for the electric acoustic one in the back?

  5. XJohnnyXJadedX says:

    hello i am currently looking for a fairly cheap acoustic electric guitar to buy while i save up for a more expensive one and i was wondering how this guitar compares to the Rogue Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

  6. Noteworthymusical says:

    Greetings xenalala2!

    Yes, it will sound like and acoustic guitar nice big and bright sound. the action on these guitars are great. make it for ease of play. Thanks a bunch for your interest.


  7. Noteworthymusical says:

    Greetings xenalala2!

    Yes both guitars pretty much sound the same. trust me you will like either one of them. really nice. Thanks


  8. Noteworthymusical says:

    Greetings xenalala2!

    Yes, both guitars are the same size only difference is the cutaway on the acoustic electric. these are really great sounding guitars for the price. you’ll love it. Thanks for your interest,.


  9. xenalala2 says:

    also is the acoustic guitar and the acoustic/electric guitar, the same size, it’s just the acoustic/electric guitar has a cutway?

  10. xenalala2 says:

    sorry, forgot to mention that question was for the acoustic/electric guitar,
    without the amp will it sound like the acoustic guitar jerry was playing?

  11. xenalala2 says:

    hey, just wanted to know can u play these guitar without the amp?
    will it sound like an acoustic guitar?

  12. PoolEvil says:

    mtmt lol mano curti ta dançando mt *–*
    é noix S2T *–*


  13. 0alessandrox says:


  14. edwin1234556789 says:

    Vlws Saulo!

  15. saulo20aa says:

    dahora legal .. lek .. 😀