my first electro shuffle comp. song: Rex Mundi Feat. Susanna- Nothing at all.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “electro shuffle 2010- by Ackilleez (wes)”

  1. ccshufflers says:

    pro 5/5

  2. uploaded my first electro shuffle vid please check it out tell me what you
    think thank you

  3. LetsDeathCore says:

    song name pls *_____*

  4. TheJandl411 says:

    is not bad, but always the same steps man!!

  5. Astrarave420 says:

    @jimmyjn3 I just made a video of me shuffling to it.

  6. awesome…like always =)

  7. ThundeRZ Lundorff says:

    ur good πŸ˜‰ would you comment on my tryout for kg πŸ˜‰ MikkiZ

  8. Salt Pepper says:

    nice dance, gj

  9. Ingrida Bernotaite says:

    i looove ur moves !!! 5/5 Like.

  10. Jimmy Nguyen says:

    try 2 shuffle 2 cherry by mustard pimp

  11. 131369Dtekk says:

    dude your sick u should make a tutorial on how to electro

  12. ravingtorment says:

    ….best 5*

  13. very nice ! 5/5 /watch?v=pY-UOdLY0oA /watch?v=pY-UOdLY0oA
    /watch?v=pY-UOdLY0oA /watch?v=pY-UOdLY0oA

  14. traba2002 says:

    wellz good job…u came a long way boi!!!!!!! hahahaha

  15. brnsktingdieskting18 says:

    @jimmyjn3 impossible lol

  16. trance music …