sydney shuffle hard trance compilation!!! SHUFFLER include chaos shuffler,andypoo,bm phytrix,thp enigma and any more πŸ™‚ please comment,rate subscribe thanx
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “Epik shuffle”

  1. fantastic shuffling of all

    5/5 + fav Suez

  2. DESTINYCHILD191 says:

    well i sort of got a friend to do it for me

  3. owkay now you get it xD
    but can you give the website of where you did download sony vegas 8.0 ?

  4. DESTINYCHILD191 says:

    huh?? i edited usin window movie maker?
    lol crap i mean and also sony vegas 8.0 lol

  5. with what you have edit this compilation xD ?

  6. DESTINYCHILD191 says:


  7. or is it something else ? xD

  8. no no xD
    can you give the site where you have edit ;D
    ( vegas pro )

  9. DESTINYCHILD191 says:

    huh?? i got all shufflers from youtube you just gotta seach for good shufflers lol dat all?
    is dat wat u mean

  10. can you give the site pls where you have edit this comp ? (:
    + nice vid

  11. LOL i made that title for him

  12. wtfzor9999 says:

    nice i like your compilations cant wait to see your next one ;D picked good shufflers good editing good music and i like your text effects πŸ˜€ 10/10