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22 Responses to “eshuffl Melbourne Shuffle music video – Hiltzy”

  1. Bay 'Ajamîy says:

    It’s a real pleasure to see that! Thanks guys

  2. B real Hardstyle says:

    Nice shuffle, nice song

  3. juan arellano says:

    take a look of my peeps and I shuffle video coming all the way from Miami
    Exile & Groovz (Miami Shuffle) I’ve been a fan of we dance hard and
    paecantshuffle since 2007 keep it rockinnnn

  4. Oliver Jones says:


  5. Brenton *-*

  6. XESHADOWX says:

    Oscar must be trying to bulk up, he’s put on a few pounds.

  7. Eevee TranceDragon says:

    Liked the videography. Awesome vid 🙂

  8. This is the same “Hiltzy – The Untold Story” video, but now is available in
    HD. Anyways, good work guys.

  9. ZolwiuOfficial says:

    fk yeah!

  10. Mike Jørgensen says:

    Then we need too see Mikki soon

  11. Carl Melbourne says:

    So cool 🙂

  12. Mathew Mortenson says:

    My two shuffling heroes meeting for the first time. 😀 Seriously guys keep
    up the amazing work!!

  13. Yes. Oscar and Hodge (HardGen).

  14. playlist pls <3!

  15. Mike Jørgensen says:

    Is that oscar?!

  16. Kelvin Kaw says:

    slowing down guys? getting old lolz =P

  17. SpikeyESKIMO says:

    Watched again in HD coz awesome 😀

  18. Skidd Shuffle says:

    Awesome video

  19. still got it 🙂

  20. CarnageJesterX says:

    The story of how Hiltzy met Brenton… Awwwww <3 😛

  21. Kieran Nugent says:

    Bahaha reuploaded but I don’t even care because it’s so good xD good luck
    man 😉

  22. len wedancehard says: