Me and my friend came up with this and performed it at our High School Talent Show. Song List: Time Warp Greased Lightnin' Mr. Roboto YMCA Jump On It Numa Numa Soulja Boy Old time rock and roll Zombie Nation Shout Tequila Switch It's Not Unusual Cupid Shuffle Theme from Peanuts Micky Cotton Eyed Joe Keep On Everybody Cha cha slide Bye Bye Bye
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13 Responses to “Evolution of Dance REMIX”

  1. ThoseRealTears says:

    I just found this. Amazing! 🙂

  2. npfluteplayer says:

    My friend and I want to do this set of songs for our band talent show how did you get all the songs together?

  3. drumtumtugger says:

    @npfluteplayer this mix I made my self using sony vegas to mash all the songs up

  4. npfluteplayer says:

    my friend and i would love to do this mix of songs for our band talent show..where did you get the music mix?

  5. hottytotty19 says:

    freakin awesome

  6. EpicDesires69 says:

    stfu already and lets see the skit

  7. oxocutiewithscarsoxo says:

    roflmao! I officaly love you! I go to Delta, and I can’t beleive I missed this. Rock on!

  8. Penniebaybee says:


  9. brandillina says:

    damn these girls got skillzzzzzz!~

  10. gtaivmafia says:

    that was kind of ok u guys needed alot more movement!!! watch mine is on my favorites but so far good job on the remix

  11. uhh
    dis was 4 eva ago :S
    i havmore hand movements now 🙂

    all my vids suck “(
    so i made a new acc (this acc)
    so.. yea

  12. hardstyleben says:

    good as
    but u need some hand moves

  13. HSHenergy says:

    yo man! just to let ya no im still in da crew
    anywayz we shouldnt fight -.-
    look ya not bad but ur not good either we should work together n improve =D