yeah wot, we r the best in the world don't be jealous
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25 Responses to “F@%K Yeah MelbourneShuff le”

  1. xFLUFFYMUFFINSx says:


  2. drumbum1010 says:

    wow this is kinda hilarious. even though im a shuffle fan…. but yeah funny

  3. mrxdoggy says:

    like we didnt reply to ur mums msgs after she gave us bad sex

  4. pathetic. im not gonna reply again so don’t bother replying.

  5. bLuCwalk says:

    yeh dud i dont mind i went for wun last night

    happend to be your girlfriend

  6. Ok i guess. If u like to fuck whores,

  7. bLuCwalk says:

    does ur mum mind bending over for me?

  8. Do you mind dying for me? ok thanks

  9. minilogan333 says:

    your shit

  10. geoskillz says:

    shut upp u dirtyy wogg all u cunts do is fight in numberrs u fking weak pussy kunts

  11. mrxdoggy says:

    cheers bro thanx for tha support haha 😉
    get this dance moved over to melbourne i rkn
    aparently thats where its at hahaha


  12. doodlebreath says:


    gypoboyrazorblade1 is a fuckhead.
    go play in traffic fuckwit no one cares cunt

    love the pink hat btw.

  13. mrxdoggy says:

    fuk up silly white cracker
    dont agrrivate me or the bear
    or even samy
    we will give u a rite flogging
    love u beau 🙂

  14. GypoBoyRazorBlade1 says:

    wat the hell?? are you messin wit tha wog boys white trash?? BeeBee is comin 4 you, same with Seveegen! Gypo boyz will not be teased! YouTube bullying will be stopped nigga, an im gonna be tha first one to demonstrate you pussy white boy, gypo niggaz 4 eva!! you guys cant even shuffle, specially tha first guy, wat a retard, us Wog boys will woop his bottom any day, any time!!
    Respect all tha Wog and Gypsee boys out there niggaz

  15. shenolyr12 says:

    any shuffles from perth !!!!!!!

    me spider/shenol is holdin a big shuffle meet up in perth me n my shufflin crew will b dair PMS …. on da 22nd at redrooster next 2 dat big bank lol let me no if u r cumin… cum down n show us what ur crew has got

  16. GypoBoyRazorBlade1 says:

    Oi you guys!!! Stop giving really good Shufflers like my couzins BeeBee and Seveegen and Elles a bad name OK??? you guys are just teasing what we do best and its not fair! You guys ARNT! melbourne PMX wog boys like me and my couzins, so get this freakin crap of the net before i bring all my couzins BeeBee, Serveegen, Elles, and soolim down to bash the crap out of you white boys OK?? also, i bet you cant even scratch those DJ disk things like my bro 4 life Dj Sony can!
    “Gypsee Boys for eva!!”

  17. shenolyr12 says:

    oi ur puttin a bad name out for da people that know how 2 shuffle in perth

  18. XxAimee92xX says:

    Well if u guys r the best in Perth
    then i hope u guys r the only ones coz
    no offence but
    that was reli bad

  19. coodren says:

    yer there ma niggers rite there hahaha well done boiz

  20. mrxdoggy says:

    ov course we r serious cant u tell

    haha nah bro we just fuckin around ey hahaha

  21. WreckDProductions says:


    Nice work fellas.

  22. shenolyr12 says:

    wtf haha is dis a joke or u really think u can shuffle hahaha


  24. shufflelovarz says:

    =) =D 😉 🙂
    XD 😀 ;D

  25. mrxdoggy says:

    ok man will do
    hahahaha =]