Featuring Ahad and his 'skills'. Including some wacked-out popping, NOOB(I stress the word noob) shuffling, weird freestyling and cript walking. Credits to : Inspirations - J Edit - Fish Star - Ahadh Cameraman - Fish Guy at intro - Lukita Popping/cwalk/shuffle/freestyle - Ahadh Spectators in class - Lukita, J, Riceboy, Singh is king! Cameraman in class - JohnLaws Corpse on floor - Ahadh Guy almost falling on corpse - WAR Guy climing over fence - Aufi Guy pushing camera - Ahadh Footballers - Davith, Koji, Rezi, J, Lukita, [some others..] Rape victim - WAR L4D scene, gigolo zombie - Ahadh Girl's voice - Liang Hsin Costumes/Props - Sri Utama
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

6 Responses to “Freestyling, Ahadh Style.”

  1. aufikazekage says:

    haha nice video

  2. fatmanz994 says:

    lol damn funny man

  3. imfromearth says:

    Yes. I made this, lol. The guys were at his place to play football and swim, he put on his outfit first and he went off after them. Lol.

  4. mookie1791 says:

    ahahaha the first part looks like ahad was havin a seizure or sumthing XD and 0:47 is dat ahad in swimming trunks????

  5. imfromearth says:

    The best intro ever! 🙂

  6. Danial90leo says:

    haha, damn funny, best production guys.
    keep on mae funny vdeos. looking foward to laugh at ur videos again. ahaha. 10/10