Full Deck False Shuffle; Brad Tobin

14 Responses to “Full Deck False Shuffles”

  1. TheBradTobin says:

    @martinj1025 i thought it was crap lol, but thanks, ill be uploading a new vid soon, correcting some of the mistakes i made in this vid. thanks alot.

  2. martinj1025 says:

    Really excellent work. I like those running cuts a lot.

  3. TheBradTobin says:

    @Clock88 i agree.

  4. Screw up the ladder. It’s a goofy false cut for anyone to do. The bottom strips look a lot better than up the ladder. Don’t X both halves when you push-through. Work on keeping your fingers far apart with the push through (so they don’t come close when you push in). Stop ‘Stuffing the Turkey’ with the zarrow shuffles. Keep up the good work, man. Excellent stuff.

  5. CardsExpert says:

    Nice moves Brad.
    Take care

  6. monkeyman822 says:

    omg, that was absolutely amazing!! that was one of the best fulkl deck card controls i have ever seen, i know wat you’re doing and i know how to do it, but i just cant physically do it, is there anywhere on YOUTUBE where i can learn most of these moves ( tutorial)…?? great, great..

  7. TheBradTobin says:

    @kryt123 this is from a couple months ago, im much better now and ive corrected some of the mistakes i did in this video but allan ackermans video on shuffle work is probly the best souce to learn this and as far as speed an naturalness, you can learn a lot by watching steve forte.

  8. Dude, that is IMPRESSIVE! Where can I learn to do that?

  9. I love it man! What I love most is the speed, most card cheats go incredibly slow, but they dont realize that in actuality card dealers in vegas perform riffle shuffles and running cuts at the speed you did there.

  10. JeffSCorn says:

    I think it was Jack that mentioned the Bueno shuffle. I’m not exactly sure what it would be myself.

  11. TheBradTobin says:

    @JeffSCorn uh sorry i dont know what a bueno shuffle is ive looked it up and i guess its a type of a zarrow but if your more specific ill do my best.

  12. UnknownMagician93 says:

    @Snappyhands57 could you post a video of you doing the muy bueno? Im working on it currently..

  13. JeffSCorn says:

    That was a lot of fun to watch. I almost forgot what I was watching towards the end. Very impressive.

  14. Snappyhands57 says:

    GREAT work Brad. I mean it! I particulary like the way you do the Bueno starting from an OPEN shuffle position. The Zarrows are sweet, and the block pushthroughs look magnificent! The running cuts are totally disarming- that’s the way to do it!

    Really impressed!