Just us out on a Saturday night. Happy birthday Townie tinyurl.com
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25 Responses to “Fun at 4 in the morning [OLD]”

  1. airbenderairimi says:

    waiiiiiiiit! i wanna learn how to shuffle really really badly! ive tried and cant find any good vids to learn from. how do you REALLY shuffle? anybody know a good tutorial?

  2. Cflynn16 says:

    what is the 2nd song called?

  3. irawryouman says:

    If anyone wants a post an EASY video on how to shuffle please do so. I’ve forgotten how. ):

  4. blizard0717 says:

    What was that shit at the end?? o.0

  5. Disaster4656 says:

    I like the way she shuffles 🙂

  6. mjlravers says:

    shit :/

  7. BabsBunny000 says:


  8. Thats what everyone need to do at 4 in the morning sesh on!!

  9. 1princessnemo2 says:

    @BlackRoseBleedingxx they r not fuzzy boots they are called “cyber fluffies” 😀 omggg i hav some and they r accually reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllly EASY to make:)) so just look up on youtube How To Make Cyber Fluffies and u gottt it hun x3 have an amzzzin day

  10. dennybunny22 says:

    WOW that girl is amazing cool ill like to shuffle like that…. cool awsome vid guys 😀

  11. MagicianIshtar says:

    i like her outfit and =D and i like how you all dance!

  12. BlackRoseBleedingxx says:

    @MusicHasMeAddicted No problem :p

  13. MusicHasMeAddicted says:

    @BlackRoseBleedingxx why thank you 😀

  14. BlackRoseBleedingxx says:

    @MusicHasMeAddicted the web site is vinyl dolls .net (no spaces tho) they have a huge selection and you can make custom colored ones :3

  15. MusicHasMeAddicted says:

    @BlackRoseBleedingxx i really want some too 🙂
    i no longer have any D:

  16. BlackRoseBleedingxx says:

    @MusicHasMeAddicted LOL i know they are called fluffies i just refer to them as fuzzy boots cuz thats what they look like to me and i actually found a website where i can get them cuz i don’t have a sewing machine 😀 i may be getting a pair soon and i can’t wait :3

  17. 2k10nato says:

    de girl fit as fuck man

  18. MusicHasMeAddicted says:

    @BlackRoseBleedingxx they’re not fuzzy boots, they’re called fluffies :3
    you put them over shoes/boots
    search up fluffies on ebay, or make them yourself, it’s much cheaper :3
    and fairly easy

  19. BlackRoseBleedingxx says:

    OMFG!!!!!!FUZZY BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay now that i had my omg moment i must aske where did you get those boots?? i have been looking for a pair for like EVER and can never find them

  20. TheBrutalLordLoki says:

    @LadyMumble Makes it look more fluid, the reflectors on lights can look pretty awesome (particularly if you’re on drugs) and if you have bad foot/leg work, the pants can kinda hide it so you still look good.

  21. starshey101 says:

    flow with the legs hun …xx

  22. favianakaelmex says:

    4:00 in the morning now that is badass keep it going

  23. marviblas says:

    that last dance was a trip

    marvi darling^_^

  24. skyler1586 says:

    @sparkie11100 Yeah he is!

  25. sparkie11100 says:

    Dude in white sweater is friggin’ HAWT!! :O