Hey all! After a few months of being lv 12x, I FINALLY did the video -_- Yes i was lazy.. but it was fun! ^_^ The video starts at 3:03.. but the beginning is cool too! So here's to all! An inspirational DrK video! Basically showing you the 4th job skills: Beserk, rush, beholder, etc and some cool footage! Programs used: - Fraps - Sony Vegas Pro 8 Song name: I'm unsure of the artist/bands name.. I only have the song's name: Passion. The girl who I ripped it off (youtube) was: SassyCerulean. Type in: ''EDM - Passion'', then you can rip it too πŸ˜› Equips: I WON'T TELL YA! But what I CAN tell, is that my dmg range is higher then everyone elses (DrK my level..) in the ''Warriors damage range'' thread in basilmarket.com AAAAAAANNNNND! And other random tags, this video has nothing to do with those tags: maplestory hacks suuushi tiger korwyn fangblade curryishott level 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7 8x 9x 10x 11x 12x 13x 14x 15x 16x 17x 18x 19x 200 private server titan ms how to setup a private server mage il fp arch mage cleric priest bishop thief bandit chief bandit shadower assassin hermit nightlord night lord bowman crossbow marksman bowmaster crossbow master warrior fighter page spearman dk dark knight dragon knight crusader sader white knight hero paladin flash jump mushmom zmm mm barlog jr barlog zakum pq horntail solo manon griffey how to hack meso explosion genesis triple throw sp shadow partner ludi leafre orbis elnath victoria training leveling where to train maplestory ds kms cms ...

24 Responses to “[GMS] Lv 12x Dark Knight”

  1. TheRacso98 says:

    Haha i rememder when i put i am sexless instead of dexless and that makes me feel bad πŸ˜›

  2. KradiaMaplestoryNL says:

    @videomaster411 thank you very much πŸ˜€

  3. videomaster411 says:

    @KradiaMaplestoryNL Spearman? As in 2nd job? That would be mastery first, than hyperbody and then well, anything.
    Don’t bother with final attack because it cannot be used with 3rd job skills (lv 70+)

  4. KradiaMaplestoryNL says:

    can u show me what skills u trained because i got a spearman and dont know exactly what to train

  5. videomaster411 says:

    @pianoville1 They WERE 121 atk hammered.
    I deleted my account. This video was a while ago, I kinda got bored. I don’t know what are the standards nowadays, sorry.

  6. pianoville1 says:

    Hey, what atk are u sky ski’s? Mine are 127 atk u/h. Im wondering if thats a good end game weapon. Should i get a 140+ reverse? Thanks.

  7. tiger353092 says:

    Dude sweet im in broa also!! look up my dk tiychi3

  8. xclayx12321x says:

    right now i am a lvl 71 dragon knight, i plan on getting to lvl 120 in the next 2 months, i cant wait, xcept that right now maplestory wont fkin work =(

  9. EarthBender808 says:

    Dude im not sure if u still play but if u do u should make a new night lord video with the program u used with this video. πŸ˜€

  10. XwolfXRid3RX says:

    @iDrLeMon lmao base sex hahaha typing fail

  11. Alffrencher says:

    Why are you so pro Zak???

  12. videomaster411 says:

    @iDrLeMon 😑 sorry
    I didn’t mean to.. D:
    *feels bad*

  13. iDrLeMon says:

    @videomaster411 No I do not have a Dk / Drk I have a NL is that I want to know what equipment I need because I want to create me one for my question so sorry if you feel uncomfortable

  14. iDrLeMon says:

    base sex ? equips ??

  15. videomaster411 says:

    I only used fraps. :O

  16. TheOnlyForYou2 says:

    Some pieces of your video are filmed without fraps how you do that??

  17. videomaster411 says:

    I’m basically Pure Spear. Sorry for the late reply.

  18. WeiJieD says:

    Ty.Trying to write a nice guide of all kinds of DKs F2-

  19. videomaster411 says:

    Err.. I dunno x_X
    Maxed everything but 10 in sacrifice and nothing into Pole arm moves i think.

  20. WeiJieD says:

    Can tell us the skills you added in 3rd job skills book?
    Please XD

  21. 1369jimi says:

    Where i can see Witch Carta for Skills Quest of Drk ?

  22. OmgItsIXI says:

    nice damage keep ur good work looking forward for more =)

  23. reggi78945 says:

    Awesome damage

  24. dantoneee says: