So this is my biggest AMV project for a long time πŸ™‚ the song was longer but I accidentally lost half of the song so the video ends kinda short D: But I hope you like it! :3 It's kinda simple but it's purely my style! :3 Song: Zombie Remix Program: Sony vegas 7.0 theme: Hallucinations and stuff x) Animes: 5 centimeter per second (movie) Bakemonogatari AIR ga-rei zero The high school of the dead Higurashi no naku koro ni Kuroshitsuji Naruto Macross frontier H20 K-on Munto Junjou romantica Ef- tales of memories ef tales of melodies Haibane renmei Shakugan no Shana Sola Shuffle Umineko no naku koro ni Toradora Code Ceass It's ugly & beautiful world Black rock shooter Sailor moon Angel Beats Ah my goddess Chobits Earth girl Arjuna Tales of vesperia Death note the girl who leap trough time (movie) Jigoku shoujo Elfen lied yogurthing Shugo chara clannad Special A (There was two animes I don't know D:) HERE'S MY NEW DRAWING ACCOUNT! The other one got suspended D:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

BTW these cards are already out in japan, so in November it's coming out in English. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Card Effects: Black Rose Dragon 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can destroy all cards on the field. Once per turn, you can remove 1 Plant-Type monster in your Graveyard from play to change 1 Defense Position monster your opponent controls to Attack Position, and make its ATK 0. Doom Kaiser Dragon Plaguespreader Zombie" + 1 or more Zombie-Type non-Tuner monsters When this card is Special Summoned, you can select 1 Zombie-Type monster in your opponent's Graveyard and Special Summon it to your side of the field in Attack Position. When this card is removed from the field, destroy that monster. Turbo Warrior Turbo Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters If this card attacks a Level 6 or higher Synchro Monster, the ATK of that monster is halved. This card cannot be targeted by the effect of a Level 6 or lower Effect Monster. Turbo Synchron If you declare an attack with this card, you can change the attack target to Defense Position. If you take Battle Damage in a battle involving this card, you can Special Summon 1 monster from your hand with an ATK less than the Battle Damage you took. Morphtronic Boomboxen This card gains one of the following effects according to this card's battle position: ● Attack Position: This card can attack twice during the same Battle Phase. ● Defense Position: Once per turn ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. yukiLUVzero says:

    omg AWSOME!!! wat r the animes at 0:3-0:5 and 0:24 pulease?? thnx πŸ˜€

  2. GreenGrassBlades says:

    This is an amazingly edited amv. I’m absolutely astounded.

  3. ShaShaChanHazALeek says:

    this… made me want sony vegas even more now.
    really good job!!!!

  4. TrueDeathless says:

    @Haruka247 Haibane renmei

  5. TrueDeathless says:

    @CherriBlood7 The high school of the dead

  6. sakeyuchiha says:

    awesome video 8D is there anyway you could send me the song? 8D

  7. MuffinkaSakura says:

    OMG O3O
    You’re amaizng! πŸ˜€
    I like,fav,and sub ya! <3

  8. xoxoYuseixoxo says:

    WOW absolutely amazing!

  9. guruchan96 says:

    aah this is so awesome *O* you did a great job!

    a little question: I see you know 5 cm per second: do you know where I can download it in RAW version?
    Hope in your reply!

  10. TheMagicalMermaid says:

    @lucyrinoa :thx

  11. xMarik0x says:

    whoaa awesome *O* <3

  12. CherriBlood7 says:

    Amazing, as always!

    What’s the anime in 0:11?

  13. soramylove says:

    @lucyrinoa β™₯ your welcome

  14. Haruka247 says:

    D=!! SO EPIC!!
    what’s that anime at 0:24 where there was blood and wings coming out?

  15. AngelicLight015 says:

    @lucyrinoa You’re Always Welcome Dear πŸ™‚

  16. lucyrinoa says:

    @Marindariin hehe kiitos :3

  17. Marindariin says:

    ….THE EPICNESS!! *Q*

  18. lucyrinoa says:

    @TheMagicalMermaid It’s Munto πŸ™‚

  19. lucyrinoa says:

    @TheMariaChan aww x3 thankies :3

  20. lucyrinoa says:

    @AnzuHearts ^^ thankies! :3

  21. AnzuHearts says:

    ohhhh very amazing o________o your videos are always so original! you have a great inspiration and it is really fun to watch! <3 thank you for this show!

  22. TheMariaChan says:

    love it…and love the song…but the hardstyle remix is better ;D

  23. TheMagicalMermaid says:

    what’s the anime at 0:20 (the girl with the umbrella)?

  24. lucyrinoa says:

    @AngelicLight015 thanks πŸ˜€

  25. lucyrinoa says:

    @xtruexlovexdestinyx haha thankies! :3

  26. hijodenayda says:

    perfect video…
    1-all cards
    2-name of cards
    3-good song

  27. easy

  28. eleazarposadar says:

    which ones are the morphotronics?

  29. cool^^

  30. apollomonBM says:

    i just ordered the morphtronics yesterday lol

  31. cool^^

  32. kingfroggy says:

    i’m either gonna make Morphs, Yubel, Cloudian turbo or six samurai right now, I’m trying them yout on YVD

  33. Yeah, the effects are pretty good.
    I think Mortronic decks are really cool.
    [Planning on making one]^^

  34. kingfroggy says:

    Well, they are machines and not too hard to bring out, but yeah I guess. Atm i’m trying to find a cheap, effective secondary deck (1st is GBs)I think this made the cut though

  35. Not sure about that…

  36. kingfroggy says:

    I reckon they would work well with Chimeratech overdragon

  37. Yeah I know.
    [I called them Transformer dudes:p]

  38. kingfroggy says:

    Morphtronics look pretty cool

  39. ok it’s in the video response along with my deck..
    rate it and help me with it please!

  40. ?So are u going to post it or not?-_-

  41. hey.. I’ll post a video response to show you the black rose or look at it on my video six samurai/synchro deck.. actually.. yeah screw the video response..

  42. u find it online^^
    [Ok, that didn`t help did it?-_-]

  43. brachman9 says:

    ok where are all these supposed sneak previews for new packs

  44. Which ones?

  45. cooleo606 says:

    i got 2 ghosts and 1 normal rare. n00bz

  46. Screw you!
    Lucky bastard : p

  47. TCBxJeff says:

    hahah!!! I got a black rose dragon at the sneek preview…

  48. me 2 lol wow ppl r crazy wat is so gud about that card plaugespreader

  49. Yeah, the Morphtronic dudes are awsome.
    I wish I went to the sneak preview^^

  50. Lucky bitch : p