Hard as to breathe, it was all orange and shit. And it was Alex Hardstyles Bday yesterday !

25 Responses to “Happy Hardstyle, Hardstyle !”

  1. hondizzle13 says:

    i love this video. I cant lie. i will be your guys body guard easy

  2. Leemaya says:

    I’m surprised he could do that in flippy-floppies! XD

  3. MarkuntTV says:

    Khoa, if I teach you guitar you will have to teach me that hardstyle dance 😛


    wats minhs song ?????

  5. Shufflezor6 says:

    gwgwgwg !

  6. xxanimeloverrxx says:

    tht was really good 😀 check out my vid 🙂

  7. falseangelwingx says:

    5 Stars for Final Fantasy IV battle theme ^^

  8. tihseulb says:

    crazzyy & shooper pro 😮
    it looks so hazy outside thoughh :p
    lol at :25 😉

  9. IceAndSlickShuffle says:

    whats the song that khoa shuffles to?

  10. lol khoa
    music sounds like zombie

  11. sese666 says:

    hmmmmm maybe,,,, lol. someday hahha

  12. 3FLonGProductions says:

    Lol donst look that dusty…


  14. SydneyStyla says:

    this shuffling is 2g lol

  15. Minh & Khoa

    Prooos xD

  16. happy bday

  17. sese666 says:

    u guys are freakin pro! 5/5

  18. popnfresh93 says:

    fcken <3 final fantasyyy

  19. fongfongwatson says:


  20. MinhxD14 says:


  21. davieekient says:

    :L shuffle in thongs

  22. lol it was blue
    nice shuffle as well
    fucking pro 🙂

  23. storyloverme says:

    haha thats the shit. I liek it.

  24. surfingrooster says:

    the bet that the first sandstorm shuffle
    ever made. You shud feel proud.

  25. XTChannntel says:

    Minh shuffling in thongs x) legendary.
    happy birthday alex