Representing our newly recruit , Rudi !
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18 Responses to “-HardBassVision | Rudi is Visionlizing”

  1. rudifoo97 says:

    @SamuelTek thx 🙂 wtv

  2. rudifoo97 says:

    i rock chehhh xD

  3. SamuelTek says:

    Noob sia

  4. rudifoo97 says:

    haha love this so much xD

  5. Hello rudi 🙂

  6. joehann97 says:

    @kioto008 LOL what ?

  7. kioto008 says:


  8. PiEcEProductions says:

    @joehann97 Hahha he did =)

  9. rudifoo1997XDD says:

    @LTUJustisLTU thx hu is this plz…?

  10. rudifoo1997XDD says:

    @joehann97 i did =D thx brosssss….<3

  11. joehann97 says:

    @PiEcEProductions Ahha . He improved didn’t he ?

  12. PiEcEProductions says:

    in ur head, in ur head. nice 1. =)


  13. LTUJustisLTU says:

    Rudi, u must practise whit ur RM and Steps 🙂 so keep it up bro

  14. rudifoo1997XDD says:

    ^^ i will buy trust me…1 day haha

  15. joehann97 says:

    @rudifoo1997XDD Ahha . Yeayea . Corrections . He haven’t buy xD

  16. rudifoo1997XDD says:

    im a biginner…so i haven buy the real 1 but mum say she got time then bring me 2 infront of asia cafe and see the shirt and phat pants..=D and buy! haha

  17. joehann97 says:

    @LTUJustisLTU Lol yeah . He cant afford the ori’s .

  18. LTUJustisLTU says:

    is this fake HR shirts? :O