Yea about time a good vid hope u Guys enjoy Comment and Rate plz!! =) #70 - Most Subscribed (This Month) - Gurus - Canada #41 - Most Viewed (Today) - Gurus - Canada

25 Responses to “HardStyle Gods (can) AciDic”

  1. Fl4SHEff3ct says:

    This Is still sick and its like 2 years old hola shit I starteed a year after him and im still not as good as he is in this video

  2. Icemonster8 says:

    hey bro what kind of shoes are you wearing? lol btw i love your style and good choice of music 🙂

  3. youpurdy18 says:

    @ggj777 Canada will never be dead and neither will the melb shuffle, we are bringin it back yo

  4. youpurdy18 says:

    @HSGAciDic dude, make shuffling big in canada… we should meet at shambhhala, lol

  5. JustoneRaRe says:

    good style 🙂

  6. TheSuperErikShun says:

    its almost like the reincarnation of a learning mikkiz. Good job bro. keep shufflin

  7. vaughnuser1 says:

    Find me on face book and work somthin out for sept 7 – 15 Levi vaughn kutash Thanks so much plz send me a message !

  8. HSGAciDic says:

    @vaughnuser lol Yes :p

  9. @HSGAciDic LOL
    So ur better?!

  10. vaughnuser says:

    There’s other shufflers than me ea !!! Well I’m from Edmonton and I say we need a meet up !!!

  11. HSGAciDic says:

    @ggj777 LOL

    this shuffle was about … a year ago <.< :p u need to remember that hah

  12. LOLO Honestly i thought that there were no shufflers in canada i thought i was the only one my name is grant and i am from saskatchewan lol jus next door frm u guys ur not bad actually pree gud but not tryna hate, i think i can do better ur glides are a little sloppy and u try to hard on ur kicks remember not tryna hate, i thought shuffle was dead but im so glad im not the only canadian doing it XD CANADA 4EVR!!!!!!

  13. Bradumzz96 says:

    watch my vid plz.. i just put it up.. i kinda want it to get popular.. comment wat u think.. rate and all that.. thanks guys

  14. Haha Jd braco

  15. HATandSHOE says:

    hahaha hes the best thats how i learned how to shuffle

  16. aznshuffler1 says:

    that is goood

  17. HSGAciDic says:

    LOL every one askes whats the first song :p

    it’s one song. on Youtube here. serch up Hard trance-Zombie

    and it’s the first one that comes up
    i had to youtube download it.

  18. ffspkzorz says:

    Yeah i’m practising it .
    Pretty hard though, my friend teaches me a lil of teh shuffle 😀
    By the way, what’s the first song ? 😀

  19. HSGAciDic says:

    practis man , took me up to 2 months to get teh shuffle down and the runnign man, just to intervalt them together.

  20. ffspkzorz says:

    Hehe .. 😀

    Man i wish i can shuffle -.-

  21. HSGAciDic says:

    Lol fkn rights that was last year:p

    and yes energie is beast :p

    that one day was not my best day, i felt liek crap.

  22. ffspkzorz says:

    Dancing while winter O.o
    Pro lol

  23. Tahufan1000 says:

    Nice Job man, great shufflin’! (NB Canada, Obsidian)

  24. HSGAciDic says:

    Thats who i learned from 1!! :p

  25. technoboy187 says:

    hey man there also tutorials by a user named bigmilan check it out man he can show you how to go stupid n alot of other stuff man but this guy is pretty good im gonna make a video mix of hardjump and the shuffle soon so keep a look out