This the first in a long line of a segment I designed to help people getting into or who are currently a part of the game of YuGiOh. Please subscribe to see more videos and to help me reach a goal of 1000 subscribers. Thnx in advance. Shoutouts to everyone out there! -intch95

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV ere's what an average week is like for our friend, Niko Bellic. Filmed in Grand Theft Auto IV for PC. Music used: "Five Card Shuffle" by Kevin MacLeod ( and "Journey on Through" by VSG. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:

50 Responses to “How To Be A Pro YuGioh Player #1”

  1. xxkennykhaosxx says:

    “it’s just really tight, and doesn’t let the stuff slip out” that’s what she said.

  2. bharmalmVGC says:

    Hand sanatiser?

  3. gogeta408 says:

    So far, I’ve commented as I’ve seen so…

    Card sleeves… I recomend three type, deck, side deck and extra deck. This way you can’t make mistake and know whats gone where.

    Also, shuffling the hand, yes. Maybe not really needed, but it helps if your opponent is unsure where cards are. So by having cards rotate the hand, it keeps them guessing, more so if they have cards that look at the hand.

  4. duelistzone says:

    I really enjoy watching these videos. I also like how you don’t keep any “secret combos” to yourself and let us know how to do really useful things.

  5. bitbeastcollector147 says:

    what about laminated mats? are there any problems with those because I have a custom playmat that was laminated.

  6. KnightBurstGamer says:

    whats tht blue things at 6:05?

  7. X1Reaper1X says:

    good tip if you have a graphing calculator search for a program that you can put in that serves as both ppl life points and if you have an ipad download the life point app

  8. eddieA7Xcarrington says:

    TBF this vid is more about organisation than supplies…but some nice ideas! ^_^

  9. Too many umms.

  10. imadethisfromboredom says:

    @mrmeltrox There’s a difference between pro and prick. People with more experience that pick on others who are just starting are just terrible, because they too were once “n00bs”.

  11. mrmeltrox says:

    “Pro players at they just ruins the fun and yu gi oh is made for fun they go to the children and tell them “I,m a pro u cant beat me noob!! THERE IS NOO PROS YU GI OH ONLY SMART GUYS!!!

  12. MyKnighthood says:

    nice vid

  13. ninjadude5011 says:

    what about a deck box?

  14. MCHammer2007a says:

    I shuffle my hand as a nervous habit.

  15. i use geek lotion sanatiser….xD

  16. necrovallyFTW says:

    i use a dice app on my phone

  17. TheDasilva1997 says:

    your really good at these videos

  18. catchynick says:

    “KMC, also known as Player’s Choice”? Really? They are completely different brands.

  19. MrSimpsondennis says:

    @heehebjehemdaar een tip, mocht je in de buurt van de grens met Belgiรซ wonen, in Antwerpen heb je Outpost in de Sudermanstraat, daar kan je sleeves etc kopen.
    en wss heb je in Nederland ook wel winkels hoor, je moet gewoon de juiste sites vinden waar ze op staan.

  20. you forgett about counters they are very importan =)

  21. ixNoVaxi says:

    What an unnecessary zoom.

  22. lordlickermig says:

    forgot deck boxes and tokens, but nice video

  23. heehebjehemdaar says:

    @OurFinalHourOfficial In The Netherlands there are 0 stores were you can buy proper supplies, lucky bastard ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. MrGladBEASTftw says:

    @xDarkCold nbo 9 on tjhee back nd front 18

  25. BigYugiohSale says:

    @xDarkCold oh my bad lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. iiTownzi3 says:

    And on the 7th day he rested

  27. joshke10000 says:

    @TheMrJaagoo ??

  28. and sunday comes afterwards!

  29. bamireh345 says:

    @hanko9r , Thank you sir for pointing out the obvious of what I did not want to do, and I don’t even recall asking you for your opinion… ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. DRUMmerPUNK3859 says:

    funny the way he’s has the backpack on at all times XD

  31. ThatRandomDude98 says:

    @cyrax009 wtf??

  32. ThatRandomDude98 says:

    @creamern mod

  33. @bamireh345 if you dont know what simple native trainer is maybe u can search it up on google? instead of bothering other people (:

  34. creamern says:

    How do we get the backpack?

  35. cyrax009 says:

    i though sunday was the 1st day of the week XD

  36. djwebshow12 says:

    1:09 is the dancing part (jerkin)

  37. SuperRM15 says:

    Lol sunday is his day off haha

  38. RobinOlsen2011 says:

    “That was fun”

  39. bamireh345 says:

    @TheAmbience1992 , thanks but what do you mean by Simple Native Trainer exactly?

  40. TheAmbience1992 says:

    @bamireh345 in Simple Native Trainer you can wear all clothes on Niko, even backpack and gloves

  41. bamireh345 says:

    Cool video but where did u get the backpack?

  42. littl31oui3 says:

    @ 0:24 smashing the window ,
    @ 0:26 the windows fix again !

  43. godofdead2 says:

    @heavyeffect123 you tried to spell can’t and i know its crazy !!

  44. godofdead2 says:

    0:06 niko sleeps with a bag !
    0:28 cool ppl dont look at explostions !
    1:07 LOL !
    1:11 1 day later … NOT in the hospitel LOL

  45. THAT was fun

  46. Omg, I hate the sound of the alarm clock -.-

  47. B0MBALI9 says:

    at least he takes a day off =) I do

  48. i like how niko is sitting…it looks amazing for me

  49. TheBran1011 says:

    press 2 to see epic niko face

  50. dingchavez9902 says:

    @combatgummybear12 ๐Ÿ™ i got xbox