Get tips for playing phase one ofMagic: The Gathering in this free online video clip about the rules of Magic: The Gathering. Expert: Mike Lopez Bio: Mike Lopez was the East Carolina University Nine Ball Champion in 1999. He currently is the top ranked player in the East Carolina University billiard club. Filmmaker: josiah owen
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11 Responses to “How to Play Magic: The Gathering : Phase One of Magic: The Gathering”

  1. BrightpurpleM0nk3y says:

    I dont understand This is how i was taught and the guy who taught me had been playing magic for several years now.

  2. YoshiOfADown says:

    4:10 “otherwise there’ll be confusion”

    Too late since your videos have already confused the hell out of everyone

  3. dougfresh514 says:

    mike lopez is great. he really is an expert. i hope they pay this guy well cause you really can’t get any better then him. 🙂

  4. johnbonham1980 says:

    Nope. Run away!

  5. roycullen says:

    your voice is so fucking annoying

  6. dunmeralchemist says:

    im a begginer and im just wondering is any of this guys magic videos actually the right way to play magic?

  7. 1bapestaking says:

  8. fakedout says:

    who the fuck taught you to play magic?

  9. hulkhoganwillbenchu says:

    what the hell even happened in this video? He sacked the twig, and then rewound the game???? nub

  10. VsTheWorld888 says:

    So much is wrong with this video. Leave the teaching to someone who really knows the rules. If I were a new player, this video would confuse me horribly.

  11. VsTheWorld888 says:

    The beginning phase of a turn is the untap, upkeep, and draw steps. Drawing during the draw step is NOT optional. Summoning sickness: creatures can’t tap or attack unless you have controlled them since the beginning of your most recent upkeep. You forgot to tap for attacking. Spells like Giant Growth must be played BEFORE combat damage goes on the stack if you want them to affect combat damage. Regeneration: the creature never goes to the graveyard and comes back. It is just removed from combat.