i was shuffling infront of re-l while she was dancing in her bed

Just A Quick Shuffle
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21 Responses to “|HSQ|-SOUL (Shuffle For Re-l) xd”

  1. souleaterzombies says:

    @nicholaszero000 the baby is my daughter re-l

    mkay thank you (:

  2. nicholaszero000 says:

    Nice shuffle,this video stay in my head o//
    Who’s that baby?
    i’ll send a draft on Kiss facebook ok
    keep hard in shuffle dançe =3

  3. souleaterzombies says:

    @TheMsmike666 thank u XD

  4. TheMsmike666 says:

    nice shuffling soul

    like it


  5. that was so cute when you put her in front of the camera x)

  6. souleaterzombies says:

    @csnj909 hehehe thank you

  7. Lol what a cute little baby!!!!!! This vid is radd I just scrolled and picked a random one. X]

  8. souleaterzombies says:

    @JumpStyle212 haha thank you XD

  9. JumpStyle212 says:

    very nice , ide say you could become even better than me 😀

  10. DRNEGOLICIS says:

    ha ha her face was priceless i need to meet her one day

  11. sparkky409 says:

    @allo444 lol why happy?…..lol u think soo man i kinda feal like im not that good

  12. Dude im happy that u posted a comment at one of my vids 🙂 u rly good dude

  13. sparkky409 says:

    @KissHardstyle lol em i realy that good? cuz i be thinking im not

  14. KissHardstyle says:

    @sparkky409 hell yeah *-*

  15. sparkky409 says:

    @KissHardstyle lol u think so?

  16. sparkky409 says:

    @souleaterzombies thx alot cassie i will try hard

  17. KissHardstyle says:

    @sparkky409 With more shuffle experience you will be a super pro shuffler, you are very talented xD

  18. sparkky409 says:

    @KissHardstyle what yah mean by that

  19. KissHardstyle says:

    In sometime you gonna be an extreme nice shuffler xD
    HSQ | BH Kiss

  20. MrHardstylenoob says:

    good job man look at my vids plzz tell me wat u think

  21. souleaterzombies says:

    nice shuffle i like it, nice shuffling 😀 you should learn krochen, an extreme spins i know you can do it :p come on buddy woot im cheering you on