HSV HardStyleVirus Shuffler in Order: HSV/JaYZoN HSV/MystiC HSV/»*RÂ¥°™ HSV/Hyde HSV/Base Songs?! 1.Kapre-DM - Stomp 2.Headhunterz - Scantraxx Reloaded 3.DJ ...

8 Responses to “HSV Shuffle Video [Old]”

  1. bayleee77 says:

    Germany? Melbourne’s the shuffle capital..

  2. Andrew Michels says:

    HSV//Hyde is der beste 😀 5* sIXx^

  3. MysticDragon91 says:

    no it’s from cologne germany 😉

  4. MysticDragon91 says:

    i know that but we are from german 😉 they are no HSV 😉

  5. … there is one original HSV and thats hardstyle victims, gtfo

  6. StomperJayzon says:

    seh ich auch so xD

  7. Shogunhotta says:

    lol shuffle.

  8. haha.. base !! ich du kannst das besser ne!!xD