The Dokta & Mickey Mac Daddy - I Like Turtles Feat. Zombie Kid (Beat Re-Made and Produced By: Tha Dok!) Zombie Turtle Kid Likes Turtles New Boys - You're a Jerk Lyrics: (Tha Dokta) YEAHHHHH, I'm so cocky with it Got my turtle neck on that my grandma knitted If you didn't know, my sweaters green like a turtle Bass kicks in got you hopping like a hurdle Step to the hoe with a gangsta lean Hit Joe's Crab Shack, seafood cuisine I got myself shrimp from south of the border Baby what you order? (I like turtles) Call up Raphael, and the homie Donatello We puffin' on that green, well you smoking on that yellow Funky scent in the air, yo what's that smell? He pulled a dub sack up out of his shell He said he got his hands on ninja turtle kush Shit got me running back like Reggie Bush May look like a tortoise but I run like a hare I'm poor as shit, but dressed like a millionaire. Wahhh, Wahhh, Wah, Wah, Wah Baby keep talking like, Blah, Blah, Blah She said something that stuck out my head Wait a minute baby, repeat what you said... (Mickey Mac Daddy) Riding these waves in the deep blue sea I bet you ain't never seen a turtle like me Got my shell shined up and I'm ready to floss Call me Master Splinter, cuz I'm a turtle boss Hit up Leonardo, but he said he can't make it Got this turtle hoe out her shell, straight naked You know We cold blooded, ice runs through our veins We hit it and quit it, don't exchange no names And when I nut hoe ...
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  1. Waughmejerk says:

    How do people not know about this?!?! I’m going to make a jerkin video with this haha.

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  4. socalspirit805 says:

    this is gnna be stuck in my head all day!!! TURTLES!!

  5. socalspirit805 says:

    this is gnna be stuck in my head all day!!! TURTLES!!

  6. 155pepito says:

    XD rofl

  7. igo4yogos says:

    How does this not hsve like 10000000 views?

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    That was AWESOME!

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    that was amazing!!

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    Very low quality. 0 stars!

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