To be honest, I really didn't feel like editing this one. You'll probably be able to tell that but I have had a lot on my plate recentely with school and I just wanted to get this out there before my Halloween special and eventually get back to work on Shuffle! Abridged. This was more of a joke to TeamFourStar by taking their version of "Make a Man out of You" from Mulan and make one that was more practical to LittleKuriboh's sort of stuff. Of course the instrumental was hard to deal with but when its all said and done I think its the thought that counts. "I'll make a Duelist of You" Parody of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" Hang me around your neck Feel the soul, within Just trust in your deck And you'll surely win You're the weakest runt I've ever met But you can bet by season two Somehow, I'll make a duelist of you Play a children's card game I'll help in, a bind Take out Kaiba's Blue-Eyes Then destroy his mind (Mind Crush!) Your grandpa was taken away And you lost Exodia too Guess that I'll, just have to win for you. First you gotta beat a giant moth While I defeat the boobies Boy, the ghost of Kaiba sure is gay. (I'm not gay!) What's up with that zombie goth Aren't these two a couple beauties How many card games must [do] we have to play (Yu-gi-oh) You must be strong like the Dark Magician (Yu-gi-oh) With all the force of a Space Typhoon (Yu-gi-oh) And you must strive with a great ambition You'll be the King of Card Games really soon. We have reached the finals Just ...
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  1. NeumanProductions says:

    @DarthRaukrist to tell you the truth, I really had a hard time trying to get as much of the actual audio out during the chorus as possible. The only instrumental I could get was a karaoke version and of course that wasn’t well worked with and so it did suffer on that aspect when it came to recording it. TFS didn’t change the chorus to their parody version; how cheap. But thanks for the comment. I really should get back to my Aniparotuning soon.

  2. DarthRaukrist says:

    ok…the chorus was HORRIBLY offkey… 😛

    but…thats ok. it was still awesome. insta-favorite, and posting it on facebook.

  3. familyguyfreak796 says:

    There is no word to describe the epicness of this video. So I shall make one up right now….. Scrumtrelescent.

  4. Rathemighty says:

    AWESOME! I give this parody an epic 6….out of 5

  5. xoyamiforeverxo says:

    Nice…You’re marik voice acually sounds like Lk’s lol

  6. spiritfrost123 says:

    LK would be proud.

  7. ryuzakikun96 says:

    childrens card games

  8. kirbmaster1990 says:

    @NeumanProductions LOL

  9. kirbmaster1990 says:

    @kirbmaster1990 LOL

  10. NeumanProductions says:

    @kirbmaster1990 Now all I need is TFS or LK to get pissed at me, then my life will be complete.

  11. cwilcox16 says:

    lol, you inspired me to make a version of “Make a man outta of you” for bleach abridged, I am glad we met each other man! tee hee! lol

  12. cwilcox16 says:

    LOL! nice man, great! 😀

  13. Jaykikass says:


  14. psyfreak0011 says:

    nice…lol so hard

  15. minibottle123 says:

    Amazing Great Job

  16. bvoelz19 says:

    Haha, this was amazing. Awesome job, bro!

  17. jigglypuffst says:


  18. kirbmaster1990 says:

    Whoa nice I was suddenly remebered the DBZ version of this LOL!

  19. sheiks65 says:

    XD this was amazing! GREAT JOB!