LMFAO step aside... here is a real zombie shuffle Fright Night Mix Spike and company's music video showing the creative side zombies possess.
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The sixth part of my video of the 2010 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. Music by Blordough from his EP "Revival Eyes" http://www.youtube.com/user/blordough http://r...

12 Responses to “Interview with a Zombie : Part 4 “Zombie shuffle music video””

  1. littlebigsasuke says:

    haha plants vs zombies 😀 cool

  2. SkyRifter Crystal Arianna says:

    >the longest slowest walk ever taking place, race around one several times.
    DAMN granny can move compared too; * zombies.

  3. SkyRifter Crystal Arianna says:

    *!^O^!* -What’s the different we Got Dems & Reps What’s the difference?*

    (Bring out the sub-humans, animal hybrids.) Lizard girls, Hippo men, Dinosaur man! etc.

  4. stephen james says:

    fuck!!,im glad I wasn’t busking in the tunnel on this day,hey were are all the polititions,they are the real walking brain dead,sj.

  5. armadilo8a says:

    Of the year

  6. armadilo8a says:

    During what time does this start

  7. Thanks for sharing! :D

  8. alex lloyd says:

    Bleeding goth parade!

  9. faultofdan says:

    2:16 for turtles!

  10. toxicstupidity says:

    ive always enjoyed these videos. I really want to go some time but imn the US.

  11. Wow! Exactly how long WAS the shuffle?

  12. BlueSandvich says:

    Plants Vs Zombies, and the dude with the I Like Turtles Sign. xD