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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “iPad Fever!!! (MIND CONTROL!?)”

  1. President Obama won’t effect me. I’m British so I can buy a stop to this. Wait if my dad has an iPad… (cue Liam voice) AW CRAP!

  2. coolbro1420 says:

    does anyone else think this guy is super annoying?

  3. koolman808 says:

    The Annoying orange will kick Steve Jobs Va JAY JAY! (Because he isn’t man enough to come up with this himself.) Even if The Annoying Orange doesn’t have legs, he will grow some to do the deed.

  4. arnoudelzinga says:

    it while screw you in the ass just like all apple shit

  5. vleesevlons says:

    All iPad’s will be broke at the same time!!!

  6. 0:58 mine mine mine mine ahahahhahhahahahahahah

  7. MrCollinblah says:

    the freaking ipad will come to life and crap on you twice a day

  8. LordHines420 says:

    you are epic.

  9. christmas2akittykat says:

    Thish a big f*ckin deal!

  10. christmas2akittykat says:

    Zombie George Washington wants iPad to play gaames.

  11. christmas2akittykat says:

    iPad fever is sweeping the nation. Neigh, the world. Neigh, the UNIVERSE!

  12. christmas2akittykat says:

    Hee. Kevin bruek.

  13. christmas2akittykat says:

    Mwahahaha. Evil laugh.

  14. christmas2akittykat says:

    I have an iPad. They rock. What are your next commands, MaSTeR?!?

  15. Necromantres says:

    The ipad will evolve into a AI and control the world because some idiot wanted to have an ipad that will walk home by itself if they lost it.

  16. hunter4876 says:

    thew word will blow up!

  17. GuitarRockerDude11 says:

    what is the song at the end of your vid can you put a link to it cuz it is pro, i love the part when it says dont be shy subcribe

  18. OrganicThumb420 says:

    you scared me so much i recently purchased a fin to wear on my back so hopefully they will give me a job in their new order, i will be a man fin servant.

  19. Hahaha the best part is President Obama passing a legislation requiring everyone in America to purchase an iPad. Imagine police knocking on your door at 3 am: “Ma’am, I’d like to check if you have an iPad. What? You don’t have an iPad?! Ma’am we are placing you under arrest for the non-possession of iPad. Anything you say or do can be used against you in the court of law.”

  20. the planits will aline and fred will sound manly,
    the annoying orange will finly get eaten and luky will die!

  21. larsmartindud123 says:

    iPad is awsome

  22. eetta6100 says:

    Steve jobs will be rich

  23. riderdraw says:

    @jannes351 nee ik ben nederlands

  24. jannes351 says:

    @riderdraw ben je van belgië

  25. xXthepyroXx says:

    My friend will buy one… then return it upon realizing it sucks balls.