Stupid review about iPhone app called Zombie Highway. I was supposed to say app when i said map. Please comment fro improvement and subscribe. THANK U ... Sorry about the OMG and weird laugh!!!!
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Now available on the App Store and Android Market! Buy now - if you DARE! Blog Twitter A look at a few of the applications we're currently developing with Unity - for the iPhone/iPad and Android platforms. All of our developments play on the "It's de'Zu" brand - the husky-headed individuals you see featuring as the main characters. Can YOU Dig it - a mining game 1) Kill Zombies 2)Buy Bread - a zombie survival game We Prefer 'Privateer' - an aerial combat game Don't Tread on Me - a... giant-robot-stoning game? Eskimo Shuffle - a fishing game Visit the Doppler Interactive website/blog or follow us on Twitter. Always happy to address any gaming / Unity / development / design questions you may have! Stay crunchy. All of the work you see here is in some stage of development - early design through to late testing, so some are obviously more polished than others. Enjoy in context!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. andrewchoi5 says:

    @Jman666S its his stupid accent

  2. andrewchoi5 says:

    @MrJellyfishGuy yea fuck you primssoko. hey mrjellyfishguy i can tell you his real name if you want.

  3. Xmaster895 says:

    @MrJellyfishGuy seriously? dude you should be subbing him not cussing him!

  4. Xmaster895 says:

    @Jman666S so mean! everyone its his first review, gosh

  5. lol how are the Jombies

  6. Primssoko says:

    @MrJellyfishGuy my first review…

  7. MrJellyfishGuy says:

    This review sucks
    f*** you primssoko

  8. gamedevnprogramming says:

    This is very interesting. Will follow your progress 🙂

  9. silverclick337 says:

    The characters are so cute and the settings are so clever! Cant wait to play it! 🙂