Hey, I have a used ipod shuffle (with charger), and 2 used nintendo gamecube games for sale/trade. The ipod is around 35-40 (it was 60 bucks when new) and the gamecube games (paper mario thousand year door and luigis mansion) are 5 bucks each and yes, they work. Check out my channel for my wants keep in mind that I am looking to sell the ipod, and sell/trade the games. LMK if interested, thanks, and my wants are below: Wants: Money underground arachnid (secret) dimensional prison (common) book of moon (common) mirror force (common) torrential tribute (common) doom dozer (ultimate) plaguespreader zombie (gold) card trooper (common) please see my channel for my 50 refs/trusted traders and my trade proofs and know that i am trusted!
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2 Responses to “Ipod shuffle, + GC classics for sale!!”

  1. GreenTh5nder says:

    hey do you know anyone who has platinum?

  2. Jesse49able says:

    you have trades yugioh cards for trade