James Morrison performing Slave to the Music live at Mytaratata
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Denver 14 that-denver-kid@hotmail.com I know it's dodgy...Get over it. my entry for the subway shuffle. Will pmsl if i win 😛 i wanted to be different and not mention anything about voting for me coz thats what everyone asks but...plz do 😛

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  1. Where’s the LOVE button?!

  2. I have the official video in my profile… but there’s something wrong with its rights. How can I fix that so everyone can enjoy it?

  3. ShannonLeeArts says:

    Hi fellow JM Fans ..need your help! Please check out my T shirt design …and Vote for mine if you like …i made top 8…but i need more votes!!! mine is based on his lyrics of the song “Slave to the Music” ~thanks love ya shannon lee Buller

  4. lapoppy22 says:

    1:22 OMG

  5. Pure magic. Im a slave to his music!

  6. scorpio69999 says:

    Great Stuff James………….

  7. patounettecoquinette says:

    superbe voix soul et le groove whaouuuuuuuuuuuu que du bonheur

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