Artist : James Morrison Song : Slave to the music Lyrics :

the sequel to BeastEnders commissioned by the BBC3 tv show "Comedy Shuffle"
Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “James Morrison – Slave to the music ( with Lyrics )”

  1. Geen1naam1 says:

    Where is the lyrics?

  2. flodidou17 says:

    waach jab thamer zahwa le james morrison!!!!!

  3. dingetje5 says:

    Love this new style of james morrison! Just can’t stop headbopping en dancing to the music. I’m a Slave to the music 😀

  4. where are the lyrics????

  5. jazarulez says:

    Cyriak makes the best videos to watch when you are high!

  6. I think the drugs are kicking in!

  7. exordiumdeath says:

    He should make a full movie of shit like this

  8. MEAKTRA507 says:

    you know how in high school, there’s always that one kid that would be the most likely to do a school shooting. cyriak was that kid

  9. FreakDeADHayabusa says:

    0:30 Franken-vomit!

  10. TheStefanie98 says:

    That was intersting :/

  11. DarkTowerGuy19 says:

    So does he hate the moon or something?

  12. HoltNickAlex says:

    Any reason she’s biting the part she didn’t dip it into?

  13. xxGHILLIEINTHEMISTxx says:

    what the hell did i just watch

  14. BudgieGamingWorld says:

    hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol 

    words cant describe!

  15. spurs4lyf2006 says:

    @Whubblargh hahahahaaa best comment ever.

  16. swimmerforlife789 says:

    This is great/

  17. RhaeggtheMouseHoard says:

    damn i hate when that happens

  18. Oh noes its granny bacon again far more. Blood n brains cookiez

  19. MrCubeGuy says:

    Holy crap……………… That was awesome, especially with the snowflakes…


  21. likedrawingwolf says:

    -As can be said of most of Cyriak’s videos; lolwut.

  22. EntishGaming says:

    “To glimpse into the mind of Cyriak is to stare into a thousand suns.”-
    Edgar Allan Poe, the Bible

  23. …wait was that a severed leg machinegun with severed hands for ammunition…

  24. 4awesomefreaks says:


  25. snausages88 says:

    Pegzilla: Get ahta moi pab!

  26. the sound at 0:06 is fucking disturbing

  27. @iFreak2011 I found him by typing “meow”! lol

  28. iFreak2011 says:

    Epic how I found this amazing guy by randomly typing “moo” in the search bar o.0

  29. sweetdrag0n says:

    Dude where the fuck dO you come up with this? Thats freaking madness