soo !!! well I played abit more with Sony vegas xD and the new dance , it was kinda hard to use a dance who doesn't changes much and make a vid xD hope you like it anyways
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Junior Pop – Sorry Sorry ♫♪ (Fiesta Online) ♫♪”

  1. RezziLegendaryMmorpg says:

    its good ^^ i think it would be better if the scenery changed a bit and showed different people or different camera angles. :3 xx

  2. HeartShapedBubbles says:

    kawaiiii daisuki <3 =)

  3. Enyuseyes says:

    @MsJose809 I use Fraps =3

  4. MsJose809 says:

    whats the name of that recording program u have?

  5. Enyuseyes says:

    @3seren lol !

  6. 3seren says:

    u should participate in the fiesta idol xD

  7. Enyuseyes says:

    @engelchen9696 :3

  8. engelchen9696 says:

    cuute 😀

  9. ClaymoreTeresa1 says:

    this dance is from this sond, video

  10. Enyuseyes says:

    @TotesEngelMadchen the song is from Super Junior – Sorry Sorry ^^

  11. TotesEngelMadchen says:

    what’s the song? you are the best ^ ^ keep it up

  12. Enyuseyes says:

    @NiksMausi lol! ty !! xD <3

  13. NiksMausi says:

    i love this song…you´re the best… i love you *-*

  14. Enyuseyes says:

    @ShenziOS Legel 😀

  15. ShenziOS says:

    Nice, what server ? :]

  16. Enyuseyes says:

    @KleineHasii lol actually the dance is out of the original vid xD they just made this dance for fiesta xD

  17. KleineHasii says:

    Ich find der tanz Passt sau geiL auf das lied ! xD

  18. Enyuseyes says:

    @MadLicous xD dankeschoen :3

  19. MadLicous says:

    ‘Richtig geil ^^

  20. Enyuseyes says:

    @zenitxpto lol ty zen zen :3

  21. zenitxpto says:


  22. Enyuseyes says:

    @kleeneLinse rawr >3

  23. kleeneLinse says:

    wtf wie geil xD

  24. Enyuseyes says:

    @CrazyMaddison lol yes but I got bored xD

  25. CrazyMaddison says:

    Do you do anything on that game other than dance?