The 2011 Zombie Shuffle in the BBQ ham shack.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

9 Responses to “K6BBQ’s Zombie Shuffle 2011”

  1. Chuck Martell says:

    They’re NOT ‘zombies’! They’re ‘PULSE IMPAIRED’ !!!!! Great video! 72, aa8gk

  2. goathiker says:

    Well, that was really “brainy” ! …73, Rooster

  3. “All we want to do is eat you brains …… ” — great tune I love it !

    Great video Rem … very entertaining !

    Michael VE3WMB

  4. Pete Berwick says:


  5. Steve Johnson says:

    Great video..doing cw with a zombie glove–excellent..

  6. I should have added to the last post – Charles GW0LVH PB #285

  7. Hi Rem,

    Thanks for the spooky video, I particularly like the ‘War of the Worlds’ style radio broadcast.

    72 & 73 Charles.

  8. ThePauperPrepper says:

    REM, what can I say. Another video first for the world. Who would believe that there would be a You Tube video that features Ham Radio, and ZOMBIEs withb a Halloween Theme? Certainly not me.

    Well done as always,

  9. Fun video. Glad you used the Jonathan Coulton song, always thought that song was pretty funny, mmmmmm brains!….Jason – N6WBL