This is my first Latale video, with my friend, he didnt want his user name because of the beating he took, but he played well XD, anyways just watch us noobs dook it out a bit, i may be low lvl...but i love pvp...
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7 Responses to “Latale PVP Warrior vs Engineer”

  1. LifesColourful says:

    😮 well i have a 131 blader, and 122 warlord, and i gotta say there both great fun, but blader is alot easier to start, and warlords only starts paying off at around 110/125, if u have good latency i reccomend blader, imo i just love grinding bl’s so much fun <3.

  2. K0SC00N says:

    Noob* lol dumd iPod

  3. K0SC00N says:

    Ehh I could of won lol rematch when I’m lvl 80 and for the people who want to know who the noon in this was aka me it’s XxMikuraxX!!!! now who wants to pvp!

  4. LataleZero says:

    @phantomoto2 cool see you on some times 😛

  5. phantomoto2 says:

    @LataleZero yeah i play ogp latale

  6. LataleZero says:

    @phantomoto2 Oh thanks ^ ^” i have been thinking about a warlord for awhile my friend keeps yelling at me cuz hes ganna be a gunslinger…but my internet is great, its just when i had fraps on that day, it was a bit lag…but just a little bit. I like bladders, but i love the raw power warlords…well i have 40 lvls to think, and ill add you, Are you on OGP latale?

  7. phantomoto2 says:

    blader is based on latency so if you don’t got fast internet…don’t go blader. you can also check by ducking a bunch and i can tell you whether or not to go blader. if you live in california or near it then im sure you will be fine. if you can find a nice blader too check your speed ducks and see if your going to be a decent blader then that would be awesome. or you can try to find me in latale, my IGN is DragonCrit