Left 4 Dead 2: Funny Moments of Getting Owned Part 1

Here it is. The much anticipated L4D2 Funny Moments of Getting Owned series has begun. Much of this first episode was actually my first time playing through each of the campaigns and I tried to include as much good game play footage as I could. This time around I'm going for better quality and less quantity. I still plan on making 10 episodes but I'll be focusing on getting better footage which means they will be uploaded less often. I hope you all enjoy the first episode just beware the Karma Charger and the Jockey Dance. -Criken
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This song is AVAIABLE TO BUY ON ITUNES: tinyurl.com and is somehow still charting in 4+ countries all the time? :S lol Download the song for free: www.megaupload.com Download one of our sets / scenes (world save): www.megaupload.com Big thanks to SoTotallyToby for set building / ideas & more: www.youtube.com Screenshots taken on The Land of Gazamo: (server IP) Also a screenshot of this map from TrynePlague: www.planetminecraft.com After watching CaptainSparklez's parody of Dynamite I was remotivated to finish writing and recording this song. Thank you dude!! Also thank you to my subscribers who helped out via Livestream ^_^ xo Programs Used: Sony Vegas Adobe After Effects Blender (MC Blender Rig bit.ly ------------------------------------------------------ LYRICS: It doesn't matter if you love Notch, Or the mythical He-Ro-Brine.. Just raise your picks up! Cus the blocks form this way see. == Verse 1 (First Load Up) == My best friend told me a year ago, he'd found an awesome game. I bought a code and when I logged on, it was a giant world made up of blocks. I turned my render distance up to far, He said "Let's go build an epic base" Roof over head with a wooden door, That's when I stood up and said! == Chorus == I'm so in love with this game, don't care if I sound lame. I load up, Mine, Craft! All the blocks just form this way! I've got some wood to collect, I'll stack a 64 set, I load up, Mine, Craft! All the blocks just form this way! Oh a Zombie ...

50 Responses to “Left 4 Dead 2: Funny Moments of Getting Owned Part 1”

  1. chantimothy says:

    i lol so hard @ 8:21

  2. slimy0slime says:

    @MrMacho109 yeah we can see that

  3. littlewillow85 says:

    How did you get Coach to sing? That was great!

  4. MrMacho109 says:

    i like the street sign

  5. MrMacho109 says:

    @00:27 to @00:33 seconds Stairs are for pussies LLLEEEEEERRRROOOOYYYY!

  6. MrMacho109 says:

    i like the jockey dance

  7. mariechelleification says:

    omg its gnome chompski

  8. mariechelleification says:

    omg its gnome chompski

  9. karma’s a bitch isn’t she?

  10. MrEightcatz says:

    Oh rochelle is such a bitch.

  11. marioakrt21134 says:

    @sirtommy01 search up “keyboard cat” i think thats it

  12. sirtommy01 says:

    @Criken2 What is the song that appears at the beginning?

  13. i love at 1:27


  14. At 0:30, I was playing online as a human, and was standing near the window and 2 zombies ran at me and flew out 😀

  15. DaMonsta241 says:

    How do u curse

  16. Heartjager says:

    youtube openly supporting ron paul? i like it

  17. 4thStreetGaming1 says:

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  18. MrBigtyler24 says:

    Yall playing on pc

  19. FaceSmackers says:

    actually its at 8:22

  20. FaceSmackers says:

    at 8:25 karma charger is super man

  21. TheUltimateguy123 says:

    You know on the beginning of the video that said:”Watch in HQ or the Karma Charger will get you” i thought no not know.Then when i stared playing out of no where came a freaking charger…Then i started watching in HQ because this happened every time i didn’t watch in HQ

  22. shot the zombies 🙂

  23. MrPinguinstyle says:


  24. 4:40 OH GAWD ITS GUMMY! He’ll just num on you.

  25. Jackyandbobbybro says:

    karma, :P

  26. MrVideogamewarrior says:

    @Akmot101 notch is NOT fucking ok with it! >:(

  27. Keitachan1 says:

    @Akmot101 You cant change skin or play on good servers if you dont buy it 😛

  28. zombiewarrior77 says:

    cant use link soap

  29. MrRasmus112 says:

    do u have a server IP???

  30. Why buy a code when Notch is OK with you pirating it?

  31. MultiYoshiman says:

    @pokeball222123 No it is not!


  33. if you look very close (a good idea to pause the video) when he walks through the portal you can spot herobrine somewhere on a little cliff in the nether near the middle of the screen (AAAAARG!)

  34. Keitachan1 says:

    @jamzc15 search the map :P

  35. what is the very nice surprise on the map?

  36. EpicCriddle says:


    Thats wasn’t SOPA, that was the FBI.

  37. EggMyMom33 says:


  38. AcroCro1998 says:

    NOOOOOOOOO megaupload is shut down i cant download the song 🙁 curse u SOPA!

  39. Epicgamemaster777 says:

    just shyt up and get lost gay boy

  40. cyb3rbully1nghurts says:

    @Chuk40076 mars. first generation martian nigga

  41. mbmatrixneo says:

    no megaupload :/

  42. @cyb3rbully1nghurts where are you from?

  43. cyb3rbully1nghurts says:

    @Chuk40076 it still works where i live


  45. NintendoLord55Upload says:

    You encoureged me to play Minecraft again 🙂

  46. alfred4king says:

    @pokeball222123 Nope Yogscast payed him to Remix it They wouldn’t be able to come up with a song like this. Please Read the Date and Description before declaring who made it and who copied.

  47. alfred4king says:

    @Revenge5665 I knew there would be ONE person who would NOT READ THE DESCRIPTION OR THE DATE OF THE VIDEO POST! I swear can’t you just take the time to CHECK

  48. pivotkid88 says:

    Off tune 🙁

  49. cyb3rbully1nghurts says:

    @everzonermitanio i was out in a coma for 3 weeks so i guess i missed it >:(

  50. everzonermitanio says:

    @cyb3rbully1nghurts that was before megaupload was removed (SOPA/PIPA protsest)