LOSE IT - SEPTEMBER 20: Zombie shuffle walk. Thank you for watching. New timeline: Sep 1: 106.4kg (234.5lb) Sep 8: 105.2kg (231.9lb) Sep 15: 104.2kg (229.7lb...

8 Responses to “LOSE IT: Zombie shuffle! [Sep 20]”

  1. Nightmares of zombies full sprint incoming.

  2. Haha, imagine the stuff I don’t film. 😛

  3. Same neighbourhood? Never. You had me beat on day 1, such a beast. 🙂

  4. ZPHOENIX27 says:

    Some zombies can really move when they have the correct motivation. I can remember the zombies from the old Doom game when the difficulty level was set to the max.

  5. lostismyconstent says:

    lol I love hearing you and your sis banter 😀

  6. TurtledogWLV says:

    Sis = Dead and Complaining… That is talented, haha

    I will talk about ya on me vlog again this Thursday mate, seems as I think you and I are both in the same neighbourhood now, time for E-roomies to DO THIS!

    Do it…….. DO IT

  7. She was wrecked more today than yesterday, lol.

    Will pass it on. 🙂

  8. Summer Fabulous says:

    LMAO @ Anas saying “I ain’t movin!” btw, tell her i’m still waiting on her video and if she liked her stuff! 🙂 Summer