Here are the animes... You can choose, if it isn't taken of corse! ^^ Air Tv:TAKEN Bleach:TAKEN Black Cat: Clannad Afther Story:TAKEN Chobits: Darker Than Black: Death Note: Ef-A Tale Of Memories: TAKEN Elfen Lied: TAKEN Fate/Stay Night: Full Metal Alchimest: Full Metal Panic: Full Moon Wo Sagashite: Fruits Basket: Gakuen Alice: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Itazura Na Kiss: Inuyasha: Kanono: Katekyou Hitman Reborn: Kaze No Stigma: Kirarin Revolution: Lovely Complex: Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden: TAKEN Nabari No Ou: Ouran High School Host Club: Pokemon: Princess Tutu: Romeo X Julia: TAKEN Shugo Chara: TAKEN Shuffle: School Days: Shakugan No Shana: Soul Eater:TAKEN Tenjou Tange: The Melancholly Of Haruhi Suzumiya: Toradora: Zombie Loan: Yami no Matsuei: Judges are: ChildishHeartBeat,NarutoHinataLied, brittpurple1 and Me (MyLovelyComplex) prises are: Special place: 1amv (1x5*) + share 5th place: 1 amv (2x5*) + share 4th place: 1 amv (3x5*) + share 3th place: 1 amv (3x5*) + 1 amv (1x5*) + share 2nd place: 1 amv (3x5*) + 1 amv (2x5*) + share 1st place: 1 amv (3x5*) + 1 amv (3x5*) + share + subicribe It will be closed... about 3 months from now... Everyone GOOD LUCK!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Lovely Contest – CLOSED! judging :)”

  1. MyLovelyComplex says:

    My video was fac*** remove! I can’t bilive it! I tryed to upload many times… So tha result will upload NarutoHinataLied… I am so sorry! I will sand you all a massage! SORRY!

  2. musixgrl says:

    @MyLovelyComplex Really? O.O Can you send me the link in an email, because I couldn’t find anything

  3. MyLovelyComplex says:

    @musixgrl I uploaded… it should be there… o_O

  4. twiligirl1 says:

    Sorry to bug you, but it’s been a while sense when you said you were going to post the results and I’m wondering where they are….

  5. Dorotchi says:

    I hope its almost done..

  6. xxWildClawAnimexx says:

    where are the results?

  7. MyLovelyComplex says:

    Sorry for late repload.. I’ll upload it maybe today or tomorrow 🙂

  8. musixgrl says:

    Ano… o.o
    When are the results gonna be up? o.o (just curious)

  9. MyLovelyComplex says:

    no problem ^^

  10. brittpurple1 says:

    okkk!!!! thankyous soo much!!!

  11. MyLovelyComplex says:

    Yess of corse! ^^ It will end 20 february and I will post you a massage! ^^

  12. brittpurple1 says:

    heyy my friend narutohinatalied said that you need more judges and soo if thatz true then i’d love too be one!!!!
    so can i???

  13. Krazy4Kazune says:

    Yay then I finished C:

  14. MyLovelyComplex says:

    I think you can? :)))

  15. MyLovelyComplex says:

    @Krazy4Kazune yess ^^

  16. Krazy4Kazune says:

    Can I use Pita Ten and Card Captor Sakura?

  17. Krazy4Kazune says:

    So its still open? :3

  18. MyLovelyComplex says:

    Oh yeah I forget about thoose anime…. am Yami No Matsuei and Kirarin Revolution of corse ^^

  19. MyLovelyComplex says:

    yess, and good choice I love that anime ^^

  20. Krazy4Kazune says:

    Ehh..what about Yami no Matsuei? I got a vid I can put up..and Kodocha..and Kirarin Revolution

  21. xxWildClawAnimexx says:

    is Romeo X Julia meant to be romeo x juliet cause if it is ill take it

  22. MyLovelyComplex says:

    yeah you can, it’s open ^^

  23. MyLovelyComplex says:

    yes ^^

  24. cynder7865485 says:

    If the contest is open may I join… 🙂
    I’ll take Inuyasha

  25. animefreakful says:

    can i use manga too?